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if the world were to shatter
Is it the world you believe in

You crawl to the ends of the earth
As the scenery's caving in
On knees burnt by gravel
and I have closed our eyes
And lifted every curse

We're away

In-caving concave military light
Is merely rain against the glass
For lovers in
how to live, ba-by
We're luxurious, like E-gyptian cotton
We're so rich in love, we're rollin', in cashmere
Got it in fifth gear, baby
Diamond in
The world's caving in
I got tickets for two
They're not the best seats
And they're not the best view

Take my hand, you can squeeze on my arm
of the world 
Is singing in time 
As the heavens are caving in 
Mysterious ways 
Why God gave His life 
To put motion inside my soul 

It's bigger than
The world is blowing up 
The world is caving in
The world has lost her way again
But you are here with me
But you are here with me
Makes it OK

Now it all seems upside down

‘Cause my whole world is caving in
But I feel You now more than I did then
How can I come to the end of me
Baby, I love you.
Gyptian love you. 
I Need you to dance.
Woman I need you, I need you tonight baby.
Baby don't ask me out.
in the wrong direction?"

I wish every mother in the world was just like you
Your loving is so kind, Oh yes my Mama
Your loving is so true
steal our eyes
You need to read between the lines
You could be the one to hold me when I want to cry

Underneath this smile my world is slowly caving in
won't fly
The world is caving in 
Everything is left in ruins
Empty cavity
And the ground is crumbling
A strategy of fear
The strategy of fear
I'm there

If you find your world is caving in
You can bet your gonna need a friend
Someone to take those fears awaay

Say The word
Or make this call by your sole
And find a new way to live
Before your fate's set in stone

Will it come to an end?
What you fear you must confess
when you're not by my side
And I still have a long way to go
Down this broken white line

The wheels keep rollin'
I feel like my soul is caving in
Save your twisted enemy
So you might earn forgiveness
You know your whole world is waiting
So why can't you speak?

I feel it coming over me

When your world starts caving in 
I'd still take you in 

Pour the salt straight in my veins 
I won't need them anymore 
Make the cut much
reflecting in your eyes
Day after day after day the world will pass you by,
You forget to remember

If this is living, what the hell is living for?
for attention
So come dig me out

Hey somebody can you hear me now
'Cause my world is caving in
so come dig me out
It's raining again
And who've
This weight is so unbearable caving my lungs
All my life seems to be flashing in front of my eyes
Run away from all the pain of life
will the world stop caving in 

Love is our resistance 
DJ Tiesto
Keep us a promise they won’t stop breaking us down 
Hold me 
Our lips must always be
The walls are caving in, life's a sin
In this world we have to give
Before we all can see The Templar Flame

Do you believe surveillance is the cure
And sometimes I get so weary
And when hope is caving in
You fill me with your love and your laughter, baby
Until I get back up again

Carrying your smile with me
when I done wrong and said 
'Gyptian, don't want you to travel in the wrong direction.'
I wish every mother in the world was just like you
Your loving
wrong and said â??Gyptian, dont want you to travel in the wrong direction.'
I wish every mother in the world was just like you
Your loving is so kind,
Finding a light in a world of ruin
Starting to dance when the earth is caving in
We're ready to begin

Its alright
A bit scathed
A bit lost
I've been