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Your baby by your side told the whole world you're comin'
Work so hard to do what is right
Believed in what you're doin' but so many fights
Nights in the back of that Buick that you got runnin'
Your baby by your side, told the whole world you're comin'

Work so hard to do what is
Nights in the back of that Buick that you got runnin'
Your baby by your side, told the whole world you're comin'

Work so hard to do what is
Presidential candidates can't debate over this instrumental.
Let 'em freestyle, winner takes all,
When the music?s dead, I'll have Ted Nugent?s head hangin'
a d-valve
Speak up, a deeper meaning as I leak out
And seek out, a three the hard way endeavor
Pete Nice, Serch, produced by Sam Sever
Livin in my shoes
I'm verbally charged up
With your hard luck your microphone is hard up
I got devout Christians enlistin for Mormon missions
Check the inscriptions,
hard as, Chinese arithmetic
Avante Garder, not a heretic
Figure out a right rhyme, stick it in my cranium
Pete Nice, elemental like uranium
a bit
you was playin hard to git
You dont wanna look like a freak and pretend its hard to hit


Verse 2:
Lets give a toast 
to the ladies
I ain't tryin' to walk into an empty house
And end up on the couch by myself no
And I ain't tryin' to be starin' at the t.v. feelin' hungry
fast, ya can't shake it
Picture this my brother Cash Money done went nation
That come's from seven hard years of dedication

Fuckin' with B.G. nigga
these bills to pay and a family, I'm workin' hard
But I got a life too, so I throw on my shoes and I live it y'all

I'm fresher than a peppermint
(Douglas Carr./Ulric Johansson)

I've been workin' so hard and dreamin' so long
Yeah I've been learnin'
All of the art of playin' by heart
See I'm
17, we ain't playin', ay
15 car garage, ay
Shit still ain't enough, ay
Bank account got the most, ay
I saved bread from the start, ay
Show money
Life in L.A. ain't no cup of ter
Squeeze the trigger
I've been dogged out by cops,shackled and socked
Paid my dues to the streets,took my hard
Is what I did yesterday it ain't gon' change today 
And if I cain't knock you I bet I get her 
Cause I'm a hard workin pimp, I'm not a quitter
I feel like I be out here for the fun of it
I swear if I don't hit a lick by next month I'm done with it
I understand, But you ain't

[mr. lucci]
Breakin bitches off wit my candy low reclinin'
Workin wood ville flossin off tha pinky diamond
Choppin up tha scene when I'm in tha
"Yo nigga, whatcha'll workin' on?"
[NLS]-"Nigga, who the fuck is this?"
[MP]-"This P, nigga, whats happenin'"
[NLS]-"This ain't no mutha fuckin'
kick it
Don't be surprised if your eyeballs swell
I know it's hard to regard 'cause I'm loved by the females
Masses of many, which is plenty, comes
Dyin to get busy, because I knew I had the tools
Then I got the heart and went by the set
I said, "Yo, I wanna rock the set" "Yeah no sweat"
Knuckleheads spreadin' gossip all over town 
Every time I drive by you're just standin' around 
Hundred-bottles in your pocket, forty-dog in your
everybody in the world sayin damn that's Sarai on the track again
 This is how it's gon be I've been workin hard 
 For this puttin in all I got I'm a be
a plain old bitch
Started gettin my shit tight rockin shows every night
Gettin my dick sucked, fuckin hoes left and right
Workin hard to blow up, now you
love. Girl, feel what I feel?)

[Inspectah Deck]
Last August, I met this hard chick, caught a carbon pick
'bout to visit her, man, in month six
playin' tag, he's tryin' to get a hundred thou'
So it's hard to find a stable child
Kids are watchin' violent movies, or either got cable now
And they