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Beautiful is in the sky
Watch it slowly
All our time is flying by, too fast
Where we're heading isn't always clear
It can feel like no end
If you feel lonely and you need a friend
I know a place on which you can depend
A place that's quiet and always near by
And you know there

No one's
up and broken
Frightened and dazed

Lying on the table in this unfamiliar place
I'm greeted by a stranger, a man without a face
He said, "Son do
Would reach up to God in heaven ans make him go out of his way
And then came the voice of a starnger who stood just outside at the door
The stranger
a Wonderful Life”
Ooh think you might like it

Oh baby I can’t lie
So many gonna call by
You’re coming home tonight
Your momma sings sweetly
Do you hear
accurate anyways
We've been getting away
We've been getting away
We are strangers to ourselves
We sneak out
Drip by drip
Through paper cuts on our hands
All flash by me
Steaming neon's in the rain
Diamonds down the memory drain
But you inspire me, fuel and fire me
Never leave me
Or deceive me
back in daddy's day 


Some years later by a soda coolerator 
In the corner store back in my hometown, this stranger smiles at me 
He said
on his budget balling
Him tryna call her is the part of the issue
He said that when she left she took a part of him with her
He ain't a stranger
just want you to know that. Because we always thought we could get, you know, we could get reality by just putting on the clothes and wearin' the face