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Lil Boosie running s***
We dick hoes down for hours
While you one n****s coming quick
We flip these hoes like dominoes
N****s better hide your hoes
scared of Lil Boosie
So when they ask me "what it do?"
I'ma tell em "F*** you"
When they mention me it's negative 
It's neva positive 
N**** down talk
got two bottles
On the way to the Ramada getting followed by two model
One hoe say I'm a dog so lil mam wasn't tryin to holla
Bitch u right and I
Lil Boosie bad ass and I wanna know if you a do it again baby girl, you know what I'm talkin bout,
If you a press rewind if I ain't have shit, make
a story bout my lil' homies, straight thuggin'
Lil' bad young mothafuckers, gotta love him
You could catch him in his G ride, touchin' his glock
a story bout my lil' homies, straight thuggin'
Lil' bad young mothafuckers, gotta love him
You could catch him in his G ride, touchin' his glock
Bitch you know the code
I'm Boosie boo I'm a Hot Boy
No I can't be faithful hoe
That's why I want a hot girl
Never back down go, to war
Anytime a day
Your life in exchange for mine

Sometimes I wonder why You even love me
And why You ever chose to call me child
And I remember just by Your sacrifice
and ya dont quit 

a lil moe bitch 
a lil moe nigga 
a lil moe baby 

That'll ease your mutha-phuckin' mind... 
so so def wit that mind blowin shit
and B
You betta be bout ya bread ya talk to me
Mom ya wonder why ya child's so bad
Because the fuckin' body bags done hypnotized my ass, it's deep
my gun with me (always) for peace I keep it right by my side (05 bitch)
Big Nate long beach we'll keep Lil' Jon tight beat so come on let's ride
Bet I make your cat squirt, Bet I make your neck jerk
Call Lil Kim told her better wear a tight skirt
Bet I know your tight work, bet I make ya
Why that shit so little and all the diamonds missin'?
Where the hood street shit?

Show me where the G shit
Where the gutter holes be
on(dream on nigga) fuckin right nigga i had a dream

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doin bad, buy your own fuckin drank
Get yourself up in the club, stop reachin for my bank
I'm a miser, that mean I'm tight as a jew
So if you're,
And if you wonder why I say this (yeah, Yeah)
I've had a lot of women and bitches think they slick (shoop-bop)
Sneakin' around fuckin' around whenever
songs with alotta slap in 'em
The amp turned up so it sound like this
My girl ask me why I like it loud like this
I got the by 9s cross the back and I
so I picked the rawest one out the click
grabbed her by her shoulder uh and told her this

[Chorus: repeat]
I need a thug in my life
and you
Yea, you already know,
When I walk the fuck by
You can’t act like
I ain’t the fliest thing you ever seen in your
Whole entire muthafuckin sorry
to me
Love me forever, don't ever get tired of me
Why the fuck would you lie to me?
If I told you I got you, I got you believe me don't let your faith

False alarms and false starts
All made better by the sound of your heart
All the pain of the last time
Prayed so hard it was the last time
Boosie Bad Ass, Ima send this maw'fucker right here
To all my niggas out there gettin bank rolls putcha mothafuckin hands up

Bank roll after bank
of snakes), lot of haters
So I just ease my mind

When I need to, clear my mind
Middle finger to your world, if you ain't my kind
And no, I don't really care
like it when ya booty doo
(Shake it to the right)
You know what I will do to you
(What you sayin'?)
So why play wit it? Let a real man hit it

facin ten
its just like with ken so together we actin fools
you the one that got Lil' Boosie poppin off to Baton Rouge
as long we pay our do's we gone