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buy another cheap Picasso fake
Andy Warhol must be laughing in his grave

The band of the night take you to ethereal heights over dinner
And you wander
Can I buy another cheap Picasso fake
Andy Warhol must be laughing in his grave

The band of the night take you to ethereal heights over dinner
think I'm gettin' crazy
I must be gettin' lazy
I just don't want to look any more
'Cause I found you
I found you
I found you
I found you
by Willie Dixon
Make a man go crazy, a woman wear her dress so tight
Make a man go crazy, a woman wear her dress
Nothing must pass this line
Unless it is well defined
You just have to be resigned
You're crashing by design
You once believed that crazy
Hold tight
'Cause the road can be a crazy ride
And I know we're going to be alright
'Cause you are here with me
Oh, woman is so right
And even if
must be a mighty fine town-o, town-o, town-o
Daddy, Daddy, go back again for it must be a mighty fine town-o

The fox and his wife, without any strife
from your shoes
You'd be the first to come running,
Crying the blues
I had some crazy notion
I could keep it all in motion 

Gonna lose your woman
moving in time, yeah
Yeah, I'll make you move all night

Lots of people say she's crazy
Man I must be crazy too
I don't care, I'll tell you one thing
Caught as a pickpocket
And sold as a slave
Nearly his life was to end
But his knowledge helped him
To be sold to the right woman
or overloaded
Or have I lost all sense of worth
This lady beggin' for survival
Doomed by a twist of fate from Earth

I met this woman in San Francisco
A woman's work is never done
Never stops, it goes on and on
You work your fingers to the bone
You gotta be home every time he phones
You know the motherfucker did it

Well the court sentences you to death by electric chair

(Some guy laughs)

[Bizzy Bone]
We had
my eyes 
You must have known, I loved you woman, but now you're gone 

I'm a summer, ruined by rain 
I'm a pilot, shot down in flames 
the Wabash River
If it wasn't for the Wabash River and this willow tree and my pole and a line
I'd be goin' crazy as an Indiana cyclone
Drownin' memories
I must be crazy they don't know what we've done
You are my lover
Even though I know it's wrong
I hear them talking
But whatever they do
I need
on the town
I must go
You'd better wash out your zone
Watch out you stone bone headed woman
Watch out you bone headed man 

Iceberg-it's settlin' over
Goin' over to Susan's house walking south down Baxter street
Nothin' hidin' behind this picket fence
There's a crazy old woman smashing bottles
That would never be the case, in case you ain't keeping up
I'm dishing out cases of that heavy bass
And them bassheads straight from the oppressor's
ghetto blood clots is scored by slug shots
and drug spots, well if you're too poor to move out
or get a new house, it's like livin in a war walkin through
by the boys of the world
But I!! i.. am.. totally ignorant to that type of pride
Yell, when your groin starts to rebel
Yo l, I told you that we would
make it through
It must be fixed unless you choose
To send him back where he came
Starve the boy from his name
Just six short days of pain
Or maybe
colors too loud
Everything must coincide with the way I feel
And by the way, it's Scott Larock on the wheels of steel
So I take one step to adjust
Fuck the whole industry you tried to get rid of me?
Y'all must be kidding me y'all must be kidding me
Aye yo fuck the whole industry come
crazy she's my number one lady
Met her back in '89 now she's 22
Acting like she 40, she said all I need is a man to support me
Besides, you from the 41st