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Medication for the Melancholy 
Hydrogen bizarro
Out come the wolves swindled by
A Simian seducer

I feel so good
I feel so fine
I feel so good
Darling now
I'm gonna leave you
One more time
I shall deceive you
The moon is round
And the wolves are howling
On hunting ground
My pack is
Even a man who is pure in the heart
And speaks in prayer by night
May become a wolf when the wolf's bane blooms
And the winter moon is bright"
of needles thrust into our eyes
So scholars might say we were blinded by pride
Like the sin of Our Father (and the whims of our kind)
Whom in Isaiah
the wolves have already gotten to you and yours
Day of the dead, play the ledge closely
Train a barrel of monkeys to aim at the lowest bogey
Dope the gonzo
to sheep
And just like wolves on the prowl to eat
They act in wool but they speak in peace
But I can’t hide nor run from the ones who’ll come for me
level, new bezzle, few rebels
Few wolves with medals on, you know we get test

Me, nigga, me, that's who, Cash Rule
(Hah, better slow it down,