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up naked in my lover's bed
Instead I'm hanging over Hell suspended by a single thread

And I don't recall who said it at this time
the doors
Just so we could finally breathe
Just so we could sew down these torn up sleeves

here we stand with a wolf like shadow
Here we stand in the end
show 'em how we do, what we do and why
Keep ballin' in our ride, driving show, I pass 'em by
You see our paper, haters hating but it's still all good

It’s kinda like I took a train
To the left side of my brain, oh, mayne
Toddle some mud, under my door
You know I’m stepping in my own lane
think he Uncle Ruckus
I left Jimmy, they was spending silly with my budget
And now I'm rolling with some cooler niggas I can fuck with
You by