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stand the heat
'Cause it's comin' out the kitchen givin' burns 3rd degree
Get you ace bandages and alo vera for the barbeque
The closer to the Lotus
Man, I'm like the Feds, I bring down your establishment
Under the Rico, I purchased my 3rd quarterly from Bob Cito
Got your block locked like
The Magnolia projects in the 3rd ward slum
Its quite amazing that you rhyme how you do
And how you shine like you grew up in a shrine in Peru
Question 14,
guts when shit gets real
Blood spills on tha curbs of dat 3rd
Killa connection train to serv, Magnolia niggas words
Why's dat? they say uptown's a cut
the rise of the 3rd Reich
Just like the CIA trained terrorists to the fight
Build bombs and sneak box cutters onto a flight
When I was a child, the Devil
She was buried on August 3rd
The story ends without a sequel
And now you know why Technique, don't fucking fall in love with people
Hold the person
Oh one time they threw buck out the 3rd story window he landed on the ground *thud* that cat was stiiiill goin jack! haha We were all goin "GOO AHEEAD
But they always get drowned by the ego overthrown
And the know-it-all hard-heads
That insist on running the show
The devil, the dookey that
better than all the other MCs out there


How can this be?
I finally see
That it was me who had the ego
Please don't hold
an uncle to every one else
He taught me how to talk without looking in your eyes
Gave me a nine to five, made me ignore the lullabies
A puddle of the dried
the revolution by wearing a tech, nigga
Wake up show, still sleep, time to wake up tho
Might see me with the Mac, but it ain't make up, yo
I make up flows, cake
muzishnins' drop by de college to receive an honorary degree!

You lyin', boy! dey givin' degrees in 'tater husbandry' back de ol' alma-motta!