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nearly bring me to my knees
I've seen exactly what it is, I never wanna be, but

I keep it deep inside myself
It's within me
Keep it deep within yourself
There's demons in my mind.
And I entrust myself to the lure.
Of leaving this existence behind. 

By NigMa
It's by myself I'm walking
It's by myself I'm talking
My heart knows it's too incomplete

It's only in my dreams I find
The kind of man I have in
Far beyond all light 
Within the black and the coldest breeze
Caressed by the dark, I had my sleep

Awakened by the moon
Nocturnal life, my
Seas within myself
Yet see within myself
What cannot be seen

Lies deep within my soul
Yet cannot be the sole
Purpose to my quest
To heal all that's within
I lay my hands onto myself
To heal this suffering

By all that's holy, to and from
By all that's holy, to and from
beasts of human nature

The world within myself
All is one!
The power of I and I

True piece of mind
Is not bestowed
Upon us by the heavens.
letters written by me
While you're out with somebody else
No more starin' at the phone
'cause i can do betta by myself
Oh's obvious how
am reaching
Beyond your reach, I send myself

Power calling
And the frail shall turn to dust as the
Power rising
Within the few who find the will
I'm by myself
I'm by myself
I'm by myself
Hear my voice
Through the dim
Hear the waves on your skin
Like a call from within
Come back
I try to keep your name
And still get rid of your face
I hate to be by myself
All locked away in this place
You turn me inside out
You turn me
I saw it myself
It was all in a morning blaze
Burned by the moon
There was too many left to live
A man in a car with the lights on bright

everything burns,
My torture lies within.
Am I a victim
To myself?
When everything burns,
My tortured life...

This presence ruled by anger,
You hold it all at once
The earth and all within
You look with eyes of love
To the sons of man
That I am known by You
Compels my heart to sing
You know
I never did understand why they always told me to smile
It ain't too much shit I gave a smile for
Real talk
Yo still a asshole by
myself to find a home a home within myself
We will find a way we will find our place

Drop the leash drop the leash
Get outta' my fuckin' face

Conforming like drones
Homosapiens, molesters of nature
Homosapiens, parasites of the earth

Concepts of existence astonish
Reality resides within myself
And I watch the world go by
Nothing can shake the hope within me

If I blink I know we can hope
It wont ever leave us now
It wont ever leave us now
found myself
My cousin on lock for two, so I'm repping him by myself
These niggaz done got me heated, so I'm headed for my shelf
Cause I feel like, they
when I wake up slowly
[Paralysed] by the fears within me
Waiting for today to happen
Waiting for a vague impression
Waiting for today to happen
the night
And by the secret stair I quickly fled
The veil concealed my eyes
While all within lay quiet as the dead

Oh night thou was my guide
my innocence and patience
Enclosed by this rage
Within my world of reason
I am seeing blind
I find myself entangled
In my own web of thoughts
She hides and I tuck her within myself
We're moving like the eighties
You save me, so save us
And I could practically swear I've got you going
hear the Spirit's silent plea
That You, oh Lord, are close to me
In stillness and simplicity

You're the Word
Who must be heard
By those who listen
the big catch
I'll spray you straight through
I spray your daydreams

Enjoy myself, within myself, encouraging?
TV smile for TV is god, strange ways by