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[ Charlie Wilson ]
You have no idea 
[ Roger Troutman ]
(You have no idea)
[ Charlie Wilson ]
what I'm goin through
[ Yolanda Harris/Shirley
Adam like Yolanda
Young Money Cash Money Obama
It's fuck the world no condom
If he twisted, I'll unwind him
And this pistol came with a silence,
love" and "rape"
Eve would claim her rights to say NO!
But she was dresses like a hooker, reading "go-go-go!!!"

Adam would hope for a talk with GOD
and Blue
Laced the Gore-tex, stepped with his crew
Black superstar, Jesus piece
Who he prayin' to? God or the Beast
Some bust blocks, feared on the block
The human race started with Adam and Eve
They lived in a world where they were free
So listen and beware that this is Hell
'cause they ate the fruit
known by his name
He taught man handle Gods spark

Let the hegoat
Bear all the old crimes
Walk with him
To distant east

Ride your horse into
blatantly blasphemous
Publicly perpetrating that "In God We Trust"
Cross-examined by a master manipulator
The faster intimidator
Receiving the judge's
Make plans with your crime family
Get money money, take money money
Get money money, take money money

By age 19 Tyheim is turned out
He ain't talkin'
Oh baby, oh baby, I just need your tender lovin'
 To keep me sane in this burnin' oven 
 When my time is up, be my reaper
 Like Adam's work on God's
make a way
And by His blood He'll win us

Son of Adam, Son of Heaven
Given as a ransom
Reconciling God and man
Christ, the mighty champion


"The land was corrupt before God,
and the land was filled with violence"

"Father thou art in heaven
Thy kingdom cried hallow
we stay on point like Stacey Adams (Dogghouse!)
I'm bumpin' parliament and then Yolanda Adams
I'm just dippin' that's all, I'm just dippin'
The age of miracles, assent of man in strident tones
Realms of fantastic have been forged by folly speed and steel
Out of the cones stream forth,
George Washington, Thomas Jefferson
Samuel Adams, First Chief Justice John Jay
Names synonymous with the spirit of our country
Founding fathers
multiply- tear Heaven down...
With a Serpent's kiss, with a Serpent's kiss..."
[The Serpent to Eve (in turn, Eve to Adam):]
"Black superstition, denied by
With every halting step I take
I hang by a thread that will not break.
God loves the wayward child
He longs to be reconciled
To those
In the Bible, we are told
God gave Moses the ?
Ten great commandments whisper true truths! 
But the greatest commandment of all
Is in the book

You know God walked down in the cool of the day
Called Adam by his name
But he refused to answer
Because he's naked and ashamed

Tell me
the book of the seven seals

You know God walked down
In the cool of the day
Called Adam by his name
And he refused to answer
'Cause he was naked
Hidden from the mystics whose writings had foretold 
With shattering simplicity, the mystery unfolds 
A small bouquet of cells becomes a living child
I put my hands together and pray
God bless the grind
Stunt this hard, they call it death-defying
What the fuck is show and tell?
To the deaf
Gimme the truth!

So I say listen, listen, open up your third eye vision
God is not down with religion
Religion they be sellin it, listen up, God is
oh baby, I just need your tender lovin'
To keep me sane in this burnin' oven 
When my time is up, be my rainbow
Like Adam's work on God's green
(Hey yo, Adam, what's up? This is Mix Master Mike, I'm calling from Sacramento, um
Ah, I've been wanting to hook up with you, um, maybe on some
"the finisher"
Forbidden fruit, watch for the Adam's apple
Slick with words don't hate me, son
What you eat don't make me shit
And who you fuck don't