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Shall come to you, O Israel!

Oh, come, our Wisdom from on high,
Who ordered all things mightily,
To us the path of knowledge show,
And teach us in
through space
Devouring deadly Wisdom
Of the icy Infinite
Emerald eyes of the Embryo
Make their way through the Cosmic Dust
Clowing heart of the Foetus
Through milleniums of winter so waste
I have passed eras to following time
I have faced the force of the nocturnal course
Where the winter comes
Shooting out across the moon

Save this place
In the valley of tears
By the river of time
From weapons race
In the Book of David
In the holy night
the tiredness that remains
When you think freedom can't be measured
By the scuffles on your boots hey hey hey

Now he dreams with Anna a life in the time they
it down cold
He asked God for wisdom when He offered him gold
And there were other dark times for the Jewish race
When the innocent were persecuted
And the man who pulled the trigger didn't even lose his necktie
Hi, I check Jimmy cutting hair at the barbershop
He plays the bass guitar, like David plays
By David Roche

He's not dead or alive
He's not off with some other guy
He's not lost track of the time
He's just


People say hey it'll
the mind
Gain wisdom through abilities
Change what's to come in future time
Avoiding pain and misery

Look through the fake from what is real
This nigga fucked up motherfucking Whitaker
Dang, he caught Whitaker
He caught Whitaker a long time ago
Mike got touched
Then Mike got touched by
To put my people back on their feet
Take what's ours robbed by the system
He said by any means

Let Malcolm live through us
Black liberation
Half a moon was he
A triangle he adorned,
A sword for all to see

The third was Lion wisdom
A mind unmatched
Represented by the cross
to reason for survival sublime

Consumed by anguish we march through the grey
Full loss of power in this corporate grave
In global order, system declines
Obtained is now this crystal throne
That once upon a time unfolded before my inner eye
Extinguished equilibrium
While I became immortal

The thrive of reflection, affection

Forever you'll be the tongue of mine
Through time and existence
By instincts divine

Forever you'll be
By david pack and michael mcdonald

When the morning breaks with the rising sun
Our past mistakes are gonna be undone
'cause no other love could have
"Of David.Annotate Do not compete with the wicked; do not envy those who commit injustice. For like grass they will soon wither, like green
From the first time that we stumble
We learn that nothing is assurred
However hopelessly we tumble
It's by the grace of God that we endure
If there's
... that my life had been a lesson
Chosed by me
For to purify my Soul that I may be
Worthy to shine forth the Light
The Light
The Light
As I moved ever
By Aaron Schroeder & David Grover

Where are the dreams
We dreamed when we were younger
Where are the songs we never got to sing
Oh how cold were
Words and Music by Naomi Judd and Mike Reid
The keeper of the gates of wisdom, please let me in
'Cause I just can't go through another heartache
The keeper of the gates of wisdom
Please let me in
'Cause I just can't go through
Another heartache again
Pretty lies and alibis
How could I be
The first time your hand
Walked through the flame
Playing with fire
Bitter and sweet, Oh-no
Scorching skin now
Hell on its way
Playing with fire
and change 
Most of the things that we're sayin' haven't broken through your chatter 
So y'all niggaz still ego trip based and 
Have not begun to taste
follows through my heart. 
As the wisdom runs deep within. 
Foreseen through my savior.
The completion has been done. 
With wisdom and truth inside.