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by day...
And he closed his eyes
While a gasp blew through its leaves...
And he began to speak...

[Grimnismal, verse 4, 1-6; verse 5, 1-6
Knowledge, wisdom understanding rules
Everybody got to pay the dues

Tripped up by bad luck, 16 years and buck
I realized the world might end, not
We are renegades. This means W.A.R.
16s bust to break unjust laws
Overthrow regimes in the name of the cause
Renegades, never slaves,
return to Tibet, that peace will prevail on earth and that Tibet will be ruled by Tibetans."
[...These were the last words of Tamding Thar on 16 June
currents from
The volts of relentless punishment that multiplies
At a speed that the naked eye can't die-tect
The infantry, peep the weapon-try as I bomb
Armstead, Bloodshed from C.O.C
He did damage, road managed my G.O.D
Aka Duke Da God, he was stupid hard
16, the bitch dream had stupid cars
Cut the ' 68,
a size 4
You are no less valuable as a 32a than a 36c
Your sexiness is defined by concentric circles within your wood
You are a goddamn tree
I'll take seven emcees, put ?em in a line
Shoot ?em and sell their clothes to get my wisdom teeth pulled
From here on out I'm grabbing