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The conquest of failure was in the heart of you, 
By the eyes of winter, denial was renewed. 

The conquest of failure was in the heart
powers to be
Keeping myself alive by sucking your mortals blood

Frozen winds of immortality
As I drown in obscurity

Still feeling the taste
Facing the storm
And there's no one by my side
The curse will take its toll
Is it justice or a foolish pride

As the wind is blowing cold
fire came pouring down
Falling from the dark, And life and death became unbound
Sons of winter and stars, Rise!
Sons of winter and stars, Rise!
the springtime
I never seen Frank again
'Cept one rainy night he blew by me on grainer
Shouted my name and disappeared in the rain and the wind

They found
Music by: Andrew Winn
Lyrics by: Andrew Winn
Appears on: Seed

Welcome to the world of the northern hemisphere
Greet the winds of this
said "Sorry son it's gone gone gone"

Well there's men hunkered down by the railroad tracks
The Elkhorn Special blowin' my hair back
Tents pitched
Sequoia's winters were sixteen
Silent tongue spirit clean
He walked at his father's side
Across the smoking battle ground
Where red and white men lay
It was a stormy night of winter, the wind was
Cold and the moon was full
The warriors of the tyrant's army attacked
The village and slaughtered
the trees in bloom
Beyond these mountains
There, where we stopped
Wounded by winter
We the new soldiers, while our hearts
Feel like we are Gods
Like we are
the woman's head nobody will by and she began to cry 

That was in the early fall and when came the late fall 

Son she said the sight of you makes your
the woman's head nobody will by and she began to cry 

That was in the early fall and when came the late fall 

Son she said the sight of you makes your
Now, I see winter's dawn
The wind turns traitor cold
Seems long since summer time
And the stories that were told

We spoke of dreams that came
from the seas

Carrying cold steel at our sides
No time to lose at sunbirth we attack the city by surprise
Down the coastlines with the wind we reign
lost son
Wondering why on earth did he run
There You are
Holding back tears like a river of years that have all gone by


Cause You are
Could one retrace those childhood trails? 

But whispers in the winter's wind 
Told of rescued dreams, forgiven sins 
And who among us shall be deemed
with love's pain
and fall into the hollow deep abyss.
I'm alone in the dark
my being transfixed by a circle of shining souls
but their laments can
stayed back till he come to his end
And he run like the wind from Cherokee Bend. 

Now the mother was alone and the winter was at hand
And she prayed
At a crossroads in London as the winter winds whipped through my hair
I noticed everyone stared at the ground and passed by like I wasn't there
to splinters 
In a winter wasteland
Icicle-bound barren township
Call barren moon childs and proud gimps to clinch this chemical war pig
Delinquent sinkin'
Prologue: By the winter of 1350
It swept the land in an uncontrolled
Famine, cold and pestilential misery
Surely this must be a divine
Wild winds are blowing in my face 
Something has changed in this godforsaken place 
A distant thunder roars in the horizon 
Dark clouds are
goes out unheard,
I cry for company and get no word,
The silent groan, God only knows,
I stand alone.

The wind devides the empty shells below,
Deep in
I remember a time
My frail, virgin mind
Watched the crimson sunrise
Imagined what it might find
Life was filled with wonder
I felt the warm wind
you can't hear the silence
Even when it's there. Like the wind seen from the window,
Seeing it but not being touched by it.

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