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Maybe we'll make Texas by the morning
Light the bayou with our taillights in the night
Eight hundread miles to El Paso from the state line
And we
nose in a world so cold my heart was frozen. 
Journey beyond the pure white snow and emerge from the winter of my discontent. 
I won't consent to less
a very different thing.

On and on and on, through the winter of our discontent.
When the wind blows up the collar and the ears are frostbitten too
I can see the sunshine
Coming through my room
Breaking down the winter of my discontent
Looking out my window

At the people passing by
I keep
I was longing to be wooed
I was ready to be humbled
By the words that you had written
By the syllables you mumbled
Yeah, I was ready in my heart
to school I gotta walk through the metal detector
Cause too many kids, they pack tools
A lot of kids my age, they want the fast money
Because their moms
gunsmoke in Tokyo
MC's dosey do your mics up in this rodeo
My star roast em up by the thousands, millions, quadrillions
Shuttin down national state buildings