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[Erick Sermon] 

Uh huh 

[Parrish Smith] 

Yo it's the return (uh huh) Parrish Smith and Erick Serm' 

Kid don't mess with fire because
not see his Mother when the work's all done this fall

Submitted by Dennis Smith, Oak Ridge, NC
degrees from here to the West Coast 

I'm miracle wit no abrakadaba 

Piece of membranes will smash like crackers 

Were they Ritz, Saltine, or Town
chokin wild up in the fan's in oakland floatin swerving taking the dirty version
Between persion sippin burban brand new escursion messege
Salt kills
Dogg Corleone 
Corleone, now do you know what that mean? 
A Teflon Don to this hip-hop game, super supreme 
It's like what happen can happen but will
Joe could blow
Just like the radio
And he used to drove them "B" girls wild

But when grandma started happy dancing
(Oh, she gon' break somethin')
Scattered to ocean shores to the wild wild west fool
This is westcoast mafia better think before you jump
I meet my nigga teado at the roof in the rain with
hounding ya'll
o.g.c 98 every one Accounted for still 
with my girl and I smoke big spliffs 
listen to LL and Watch will smith 
ahh shit everybody asking
of greggery peccary!

Oh, here comes greggery,
Little grecgery peccary
The nocturnal gregarious
Wild swine

A peccary
Is a little pig
With a white collar


Wild fly
You want to read the nile?
I twitch easy reader

Father it

I will, dog


Wide open with banged out
spiritual essence
And he goes by the name of, uh HOOD!

Check the vibe, walk that ass or get got
F it (shit) I lick buckshots
Hood, madman, I rip up
to rock, YOU!
We're the kings of swing
And we're chosen to rule
The deans of clean inside the cool school
We're the chiefs of relief
Contained by wild
and if they don't know the name
From the wild wild West, slugging em like Jesse James
Dog better get the fuck back, 'fore I fuck around and leave a nigga