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shit p-p-p-pow
Wicked wild wicked wicked wild p-p-p-pow no doubt
P-p-p-pow its the truest p-p-p-pow
Who in Soopa Villians illin p-p-p-pow
P-p-p-pow ima
Skinny boy six foot three
Heart bigger than an SUV
Lord knows I been through hell and back
Ducking jail and crack
And still I came out on t-o-p
man is runnin wild, slow em down, school em Jack 

(E)Before he plays you off, girl (P) just to prove a fact 

(E)And get your feelings hurt kid (P
Cause everybody know that D-P-GC, Bad Boy niggas run this
 Bad Boy

Bad Boy
Cause everybody know that D-P-GC, Bad Boy niggas
P-S-E thugs
3rd Ward Solja
Wild Magnolia
3rd Ward Solja

I'm an optimal smokin', chopper totin'
Bustin' caps wide open
Top of line coatin',
nasty girls and boys 
If you wanna get wild, say yeah (Yeah!) - Make some noise! 

When you want 2 get in the groove 
But the music don't make you move
(phone dialing phone ringing) 
 No Limit Studios. What's up? 
 Who dis is? Who dis is? 
 Nigga this Rappin 4 tay. Who is this? 
 Uh dis P! 
for you boy (My nigga)

[Master P]
Them boyz can't stop us
They got us loadin em choppaz
They wanna do it come pop it
Man we see em we drop em
EPMD, 9th Wonder
It's crazy
New York
Charlotte, yep!
EPMD can hold you down baby

Spark this off with a b-boy who show P love
folks, I quote note for note
You mind float on the rhyme on I wrote (what?)
And does the Wild Thing, like my boy Tone Loc
It's equipped with the kit that
My niggas walkin' up, pullin' up, fuck a drive by 
'cause the nigga on the passenger side automatically die 
Capable to slide, wit' a you-P-T 
of safes
My gas on fleek, jet fuel for the week
These niggas wanna tweet, my niggas wanna eat
Down south dope boy, D-boy, nigga eat
All red Yeezy's,
I'm smokin by the big screen
And changin the channel looks like I'm playin the game boy
I know the watch botherin ya vision
But reach and I'll put
Yea, Yung Joc listen
Here baby yea won't you make ya
Move ya best move

Flip flop candy drop mj's wit da socks 
Dope boy get fresh
want some 2000 gamma wild motivation
Sex on earth, it's time I left the space station
Don't think I'm not in the court
I'll tap that butt boy
[Chorus] x 4 

[Master P talking] 

For all the muthafuckin runaways out there 

I mean all us niggas that been incarcerated by technology 

what cha saying 

Verse One: Redman 

I go wild as I sip from a cold Lowenbrau 

Set up rhymes like fire to gunpowder 

Boom  did the bassline crank
ya, you startin' to look like bread
I send them boys at ya, I ain't talkin' bout Feds
Nigga them body-snatchers, nigga you heard what I said

I make
Put your smarts on the side of your garment
Nigga stop fuckin with me

That's right there nigga, nigga I'm wild
Nigga I keep trash bags with me
Chorus:Master P
Daddy wasn't home so mama raised me
I'ma thug but still mama bathed me (4X)

Verse 1:Master P
I live my life as a thug, roll
and the cuts sound
You won't start feelin the pain till you touch ground
Boy, you're goin way out, I'm ready to serve you
If you can stay I'll pass you by
and think back
When I was a boy I employed styles exhausted
By every lost child at present
Normally I drill pillars of normalcy
You're cordially invited
note for note
You mind float on the rhyme on I wrote (what? )
And does the wild thing, like my boy tone loc
It's equipped with the kit that bit the whole
It's evident in the way that I talk-a-talk
I travel abroad by the Concorde, with a Clue tape (Clue!)
Stop in Sicily and tell 'em they pizza fake
And I
her out 
B-boy style (what what??), you know we're all wild 
Biggity-back from the sewer, check the profile 
The doe-getter, the show-ripper,