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see a person wearing 
what looks like a puppy on their head,
Don't call the police, it's only a wig,...

..and chances are it's already dead.
coffee shop, sells cappuccino to his old pals
Tommy, Chicago and Jimmy the Wig and Ugly Rose

You know the best person I ever knew
Was a Mormon woman named
player there, nigga turned you out
But never told you beware
Never told you that black love supposed to be shared
And you never judge a woman by
Y'know what I mean? This for the woman y'know what'm sayin? Coming up just 
Trying to get a nut. y'all really understand what we doing. Ya know?
[Noreaga] *DeBarge sings in background*
You'know what I mean? This for the woman, why'know what'm sayin? Coming up, just
Trying to get a nut.