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wide open and the town's in flames
Sneaking in the back door, hiding in the night
Capering with corpses in the dank moonlight
They started robbing
Bust his head to tha right
Bust his head to tha right
Bust his head to tha right
We goin' bust it wide open
We goin' bust it wide open 

You remind me of Julie Christie in Billy Liar
You, your milky youth, wide eyes devotion and pure desire
You are open to all of my suggestions
But you
Things of this world that fight for our love 
And our passion as our eyes are open wide and on you
Grant us the priviledge of your wealth and 
May your
required for this ride
We will be fine without our eyes closed tight
We will be fine with them open wide
Sit in the back or you can drive
Either way
Just open your mouth wide and let me put it inside
Smoke a sweet and to finish my cup and then it's time to slide
Don't worry about nothing cause
Mouth wide open, tounge hangin like a pervert
When they see the wrist, Skittles chain lookin like some churbert
I sold the masa just to see how
love, and our passion,
As our eyes are open wide and on you.
Grant us the privilege of your world view,
And may your kingdom be, what wakes us up,
And all I did would be the same like Paul Wright
Back to You into peace and hope and You are

Standing there

Amrs wide open
wanna lose my soul.)

Lord forgive us when we get consumed by the things of this world,
That fight for our love, and our passion,
As our eyes are open
with Lazarus billy-goat whiskers
He roasted sea-salt in the open blisters
But blind anarchy slips through the cracks
See naked martyrs with Bubblelicious
So I resign this chorus line
When linked we let our eyelids fall and pilots stall
With what I sing I'll open lash light and dark clash to dim