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to take it to the top. (Hoo hoo hoo hoo.)
Hit em Reba.

Haters in my face trying to keep me down
But you know we keep on shinin. (Here we go!)
Two crazy big
Last night I dreamed I went to Hillbilly Heaven, oh what a beautiful sight
St. Peter come up to me and he said "now Marty who do you want to see"
They said well how you doing come on in here
I know there's some folks you want to see
Over there's our newest member your old friend Conway Twitty say
like to get real close to the flame
Once you feel the heat
You know they're never the same

Why do we want
What we know we can't have
Why don't we
us in plaster!
We say to the doctor, "No, please, no!"
And then we get the doctor's bill, what a shock!


Who am I? Where have I been?
of us
Here's what we're going to do
Gonna shake off the cobwebs and limber up
And stretch it out and do plenty of Pilates
'Cause tonight, tonight
we just be friends?
And try to get along
Don?t want to hurt no one
Just want to have a little fun
So I'm begging you
Please man, don?t call
have Grateful Dead"

It ain't what you know, it's who you know bro
That's why I'm not on your radio and your video show
It's gettin kinda hectic
And I
I've come to need your company
What will I do if I can't have you
If I can't have you
What will I do

We should be together, together
We should be
day, yeah

Why does my girl tell me she's got to
Have her way
Out all night, come home to fight
What am I to say
I don't know, why do we take it each day
We can do anything that we want, we can, we can, 

we can, we can do anything that we want 

Why you gotta play that song so loud?
I dreamed I was there in Country Music Heaven
Oh what a beautiful sight
Last night I dreamed I went to Country Music Heaven
And you know who greeted
we doing baby
Boy you gotta let me know
Why can't we live the way we want
I want the world to know
I just gotta let it show
What do we stand to lose
want to know
If it's for real, the way that we feel
Why don't we turn around and stop letting go?


What ya gonna do, what ya gonna say
whey mi ready to trod, can't tired

BB: I don't know what them have 
Like magnet to steel 
So dem have man a drag

RR: That's why a nuff we have
Who do I have to know

I'm telling you brothers, sisters
Why can't we learn to challenge the system
Without living in pain
Brothers, sisters
we gonna quiet
Maybe we start a riot
Whan happen to the diamond they stole
The innocent blood run cold
Do we still have to live in poverty
can't tired
I don't know what them have 
Like magnet to steel 
So dem have man a drag 
That's why a nuff we have, me friend
So much girl ina fi we
judge a man by the tone of his skin
It's crazy
Cause he has a heart
Like you have a heart and

Why can't we be color blind
You know we should
When you dance beneath the moon rainbow
Can't you feel the afterglow
Oh oh why the things we do
Why the things we do 

In the driftwood house you
taken out by you
And do I care? 
Well you know I do
You should have known
I'd do anything for you

So why, why
Can't we come together? Why 
all I know I got to have it (Oh my goodness)   
You make me helpless 
Can’t stand the times when you are gone I just can’t help it, utt oh   
We got
I know that it is frightening 
What I don't know is why we can't hold on 
We can't hold on 

It took the hand of God Almighty 
To part the waters
Then you'd know the reason why
I would love to "I do" than say
Goodbye and let you go forever
Wouldn't we two be together

Can't you see that I want
Why is it somethin` that we have to hide
Why do they want us to walk when we can fly 

We`ll always feel the same
If they break us up