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Too late for public transport
And taxis I can't afford
Uh-oh, lift home
Your in-car CD player
Is blaring out Liz Phair
Another plane went down today in the
Atlantic nine miles off shore
And every single black car that goes by just
Might be yours
I haven't moved
brother were standing by
I remember my mother started to cry
Liz just looked at the sea
A million miles away

I said, now Lizzy can you tell me what
Seems it was just a while ago
All of my friends and I
Went to each others weddings
And stood by each others side
And became brides

the door by six
Tomorrow is the first time Liz can't board my plane

Like mama said, dontcha let it go to your head
When ya know your book is read
to antoin my private chef
First we'll eat crab legs, by candlelight
Then sip wine by the fire for the rest of the night
And if the time is right, I'll ask you
there squarer then a H3
They can't reach us that is why they pointin baby
I'm on my job them bitches gonna need appointments baby
And if you suckas tryin
Why am I always hit on by the boys I never like
I can always see 'em coming from the left and from the right
I don't want to be a priss, I just try
Of the 'wildlife saloon'
She admired his skin,
Jake said it was fake
And Liz said: who cares,
It don't really matter!
A question to raise,
Why people these
you don't know me by now, you'll never know
Stepping on my critics, beating on my foes
The plan is to stay focused, only then I can grow
P vector, lighter is ya like it wetter 
Can't front ya your punn give me joint slender 
I like to bend her over while I roll a 
Nother liz and take
this motherfucker one time
I want y'all to sing this shit wit me
It go like this, check it out.

[Chorus: x2]
Snoop D.O. Double G, the way you rip
the Harlem struggle, 
All in my swagger that's the reason why I got my hustle,
I got the highest stature, Miami diamond flasher,
I got you caught in
P vector, lighter is ya like it wetter 
Can't front ya your punn give me joint slender 
I like to bend her over while I roll a 
Nother liz and take
my name, I've been touching ground
'Cause boy I can't deny something about you

Don't turn around, just walk away, yea, hey
Still I don't know why
Can't you see me runnin'
I am really runnin'
For ma life
Guess from where I'm
Guess why I'm runnin'
For my life.

Can't you see
'm a set-up kid 
And I can tear shit up y'all 'cause that's my style 
And these are the days of wild - hit me! (Hold onto your wits!) 
These are the days
Bustin' after two minutes, I thought that shit was typical
That was probably why they never got back at a nigga so

[Hook - MURS]
Once upon a time in a land
Why can't I do what I want?
Why must I do what my parents want?


I gotta live by mom's rules
I gotta live by mom's rules
I gotta live
he fucked wit the wrong hoe
Its the sign of the times man
By second thank God that I'm alive man
Peace to my dead g's
Fell short trying to stack up
for me
Seems somehow we never can agree

Tears so many I can't see
Well these years don't mean a thing to me
Time goes by and still I can't be free
You can't knock Don, that's what the hustle about


I need a chick that can shake her ass, she know how to move
Got plenty of cash, got
hands are tied
Don't why I ever got her to try myself
Cause I can't get by, my hands are tied

Oh woman, oh why, why, why, why
What have I done
I can't seem to make it through Sunday
I can't seem to make it through Sunday

Monday through Saturday I get by just fine
Every other day
taken out by you
And do I care? 
Well you know I do
You should have known
I'd do anything for you

So why, why
Can't we come together? Why