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rap, 18th Letter did that
From 4th & Broadway to Uni to MCA
We followed the leader to Harlem's Apollo Theatre

Supreme rapped and the 50 that don't
you fuckin with?
You down South with the Klabman, close your fuckin mouth
I'm Lenny Jones, chewin steaks, y'all eatin chicken bones
4th of July them
We rhythmically inclined cataclysmically in time to be defined the bosses

I got a Jones for a hit, so I'm swerving the block
On 4th Ave 'cause I
Burned out in the lawn in Tuscon, Arizona
With the scavengers on 4th Avenue
Feeling old, boredom of the second hand stores
Hoping maybe I could
killed my baby's father!]

Order in the court!

I'm sorry for the outburst your honor 
I have an original copy of the police report 
January the 4th
to the 4th of Julio
Too much to fit in one 16
So let me cook like the festival on 1/16
Mean, my career's been like one sick dream
A nightmare, scary how I does
Nigga ya dead now
Nigga ya dead now

Can I have a napkin?
I eat his insides out nobody knew what happened
I ran down the avenue, all red like mac10