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left you alone
We all left you alone

[reversed lyrics 7:21-7:24]

Lock the children away from harm
They'll lock all your reason why
Seeking (?)
thang here
Check this out y'all

We stay on point like Stacey Adams
24 hours a day 7 days a week can ya dig it
That's real talk baby
You know what
until you had enough
Of that good ol sicky stuff

And girls they come in runnin over again with that STICKY 24-7

Your sticky good I can't lie
It taste
close shop, not on my block
I'm 24/7 like IHOP
Came from the bottom to the skybox
Now a penthouse, you can call me Hi-Top
Hop up in the 40-40, got
in you're teacher's eyes 
Grab the chance when in sight
Just follow the flow and improvise 
24/7 school is all year long
Bad times leaves scars but
It's so much pressure
And it's all in a day's work

Work, hard
Workin' so hard
24/7, 3-6-5
365, hard work
It's all in a day's work

My whole life all I
You decide to keen your pride 
I ain't waiting ain't got no patience 
Raised by the Grove I ain't got an education 
24 7 shawty fuck a vacation
the Super Bowl
We got a black quarterback so step back

Trouble vision for a sister
'Cause I know she don't know, I quote
Her brains retrained
By a 24 inch
I dont deny i'm in the public eye seems like 24/7 being 
watched by a spy makes me wonder why they dont live their 
own livesTheir not news
of my t.v. screen.
24-7, You wait for me.
Entertaining angels
By the time I fall to my knees.
Host of heaven, sing over me.

Entertaining angels
And say what is this
A gang of player niggas
That's out for dough
Getting money 24
Lil' hawk fo' sho'

[lil hawk]
Peeping my nigga
We fucking hoes by
step back

Trouble vision for a sister
'Cause I know she don't know, I quote
Her brains retrained
By a 24 inch remote
Revolution a solution
A favor for a favor, this dick is what I gave her
Something to go by and bitches know why
Stuff dick in they mouth and then I'm out (see-ya!)
through the net jump a Corvette with a triple pirouette
but off the court he had a few temptations copulations 
no moderations by 24 he had 3 pregnations
[Verse 1]
Yo, 24-7 365 days niggas coming sideways
not me, some are sloppy
My syyle's sharper than a 3 piece suit
Plus a tie and deeper than the look
in the hospital ringin' the nurse's bell

Like ding I got hit (uh-huh) by two of rap's, most dangerous
E and P and they both had stainless

grind hard to buy the mall up
We grind hard to play harder (harder)

24/7 365
If we ain't breaking them down
Then we letting them fly
You can't close shop, not on my block
I'm 24/7 like I hop
Came from the bottom to the sky box
Now a penthouse, you can call me hi-top

Hop up in
I don't deny I'm in the public eye
Seems like 24/7 being watched by a spy
Makes me wonder why they don't live their own lives

They're not news
to pulling capers
I'm a sneaky slick nigga, I never had to pull the trigger (right).
I mack, and on top and that I'm used to staying wicked with just 24-7
Follow the Lord all 24/7 days, GOD is who we praise
even though the devil's all up in my face
But he keeping me safe and in my place, say grace
one fresh with a folds
Grill in the back with a grill in the front
24-carrot gold on my trunk
Got a rope like a python hanging 'round my neck
to sexcgirl07, Shenicka McCollum, Big Rika, keefon,, Susan, busi baby 24/7, for correcting these lyrics]
to cheese 
Tryin' to pay the rent 
You know Kriss, I'm Kross 
Y'all ran, we walked 
No Limit n****z got ghetto dope by pounds and bults 
Blowin' tapes
happen by rappin' and sackin' up
The most exotic narcotics and I only show my people love 
I'm just a westsider 24-7 watchin' my back for the ridas