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A parody of "Who's Your Daddy?" (Written and recorded by Toby Keith)
New lyrical adaptation by Cledus T. Judd, Christopher Clark and Frank Pierce.
this rotting chow line.)

Can we recover?
We cover our heads and run for the gutter!

Toby Keith's horses and Toby Keith's men
Finally put us all
a southern drawl, 
Acts like Toby Keith, but sounds a lot like Tim McGraw 

But if he's country I'll kiss your ass, 
And throw all my Willie Nelson records
where's daddy?
Mommy, where's daddy?

Come on, sit on your daddy's lap 'cos
I'm the one who pats your back
Give daddy a kiss, girl
Oh, dad

up in your spectrum
[Keith] Gangstas flop, they go pop like Shabba-Doo
[Chino] While they be perpetratin live like they wild on the avenue

Bite off Rakim, you copy Big Daddy Kane 

You know my steelo, I rhyme against a million people 

who think they equal, disguisin as Jamaican
great, yeah
I wanna thank you, mum, for the way were, yeah
All your life you want to only one thing
And that was to be daddy's little girl

[S.X.] Alright I'ma get some ? and all that 

Chorus: cool Keith, Sadat X 

[Keith] Static we bring trouble to your right side 

[Sadat] Hey
traffic car tires squeal 
Not havin' it, bashin your style I'm somethin' drastic 
Biblically, theoretically, practically speaklin' who 
want to step in
, daddy, daddy)

I still remember the expression on your face 
When you found out I'd been on a date and had a boyfriend
(My first boyfriend, you
, daddy, daddy)

I still remember the expression on your face 
When you found out I'd been on a date and had a boyfriend
(My first boyfriend, you
your battery 
Stop rappin' to me 
New York City's number one MC, that's real G 
Who's that kid be	? Passengers are in position 
Change your whole
my ear 

Chorus: cool Keith 

Make up your mind, who you want to pump the butt (4X) 

[Kool Keith] 

No affections, condom style, I
mentally, by using my mind
Choosing adjectives hard to define
in rhymes, a dictionary wordpiece
From the Brainiac, I blew your domepiece
open, hopin
trying to get somewhere,
That's real and pure and true and eternal.

Father God, I am clay in your hands,
Help me to stay that way through all life's
[Kool Keith] 


For the 2000 (2000) 

Black Elvis (Black Elvis) 

We get raw with this (hand me my guitar) 

Tour bus packed (tour
And notice they still here, so Obie is still here
So Kobi here's to you and daddy's new career

So grab your cups of beer
Put 'em up let's cheer

[Kool Keith]
Jacuzzi bathtub, with a 24-second clock to take your panties down
If not most girls get replaced by a sub
Sent home, upscale in
A letter was written by a little girl?s hand, it was sealed with her little heart?s love
Said air mail to heaven to daddy, to your new home
featuring Keith Murray  Redman 

Whoop Whoop(8x) 


Funky dilemmas  destroy mc's by process of elimanation 

Ghetto linger
for them tips
Big oh ass big oh tits, pretty ass pussy, pretty ass lips
Baby your amazing

Tell me who your creeping with, I wanna know
Lying to my
Sounds bad
Who sings that song?
Back to back
They play it all day long
Bring back the days of Conway Twitty
When singers were good
And songs were
the E Double (who?) The Funklord, god damn
Yo I'm swingin more shit than Tarzan (word em up)
I freak the ill tactics cause I'ma ghetto bastard
Some say
don't know that who you are is not what you do,
True, we get it twisted when we peak at the charts,
Yo before we part from the start,
Where's your
I do it for the ladies
I gotta keep it hood
Over here polo (Ey)
I see you right
Yo Keith You was right
We just gettin' started
Yeah man