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thou' on him, out in Mr. Chow, blew a cloud on him
Seen a Latin chick, laughing, clapping
Like your style, homey, tell your proud, hit the Crystal
a luxury
I'm a soubrette columnist fathering doom document
Cursed version of a certain Virgin Mary womb occupant

[Verse One]
I know swamp rats who never
Step out, jeans sagging, crew laughing
Getting blazed by the fiend for ten bones a piece
Nothing but the dog in me needing to be released
like I love Lucy
my crib is crawling with blunt roaches and
when I'm feigning, I exterminate them by them
lit the dro, in a optimo sizzle slow
and roll
That's how much on fire I am
Rappers are fun and I'm the time cause I'm just flying by 'em
Man I'm laughing at 'em the entire time, why am I up?
sold crack thanks ta
My niggas I'm able to control whack prankstas
Exquisite, I freestyle I love it and I live it
Ask my niggas Tash and J-Ro, can I
I touch down, by lil Fate

Now don't get mad at me 'cause ya hoe outta pocket and she chose (she chose)
Just charge it to the game and find
Puff, sip, puff, sip, puff, sip, 
Get wasted! 

Gimme a jug of that Crowne
Guzzle that down
I'm trippin' on that now
I can tell by
right true

I fell that is only right
That I live the life of rally
I done did knives in alleys, pipes, in rallies
What you do now?
Now I catch
nåt jättemalle.
Do kan dra ner pianot tror jag för det är väldigt vasst I öronen.