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the way back home

I walked from Natchez to Hushpukena
I built a fire by the side of the road
I worked for nothin' in a Belzoni saw mill
And I caught
I hope my Pony knows the way back home.

I walked from Natcher to Hushpukena.
I built a fire by the side of the road. 
I worked for nothin in
along the way

She had a ribbon in her hair the day I met her
That whole next year we couldn't get enough
And after graduation she took off for Denver
Headed north on a one way trip
I never thought I'd be back this way
I never thought I'd be missin' you
Enough to suffer for a whole night through
Don't I love my summer sunshine
Don't I love my summer sunshine
I went walking down a road
A thief came by and stole my clothes
Be there if I
the road 
We played like marbles in the dust
Until a voice called for us 
To make our way back home
The stones in the road 

When I was ten, my father
hope they kill you all,
I hope I never see your faces again
I see your faces again
I wanna watch the whole world,
I wanna watch the whole world burn
To let your spirit flow
Down here by the roadside
Want the whole world to know
and watch it sink
Lord, I hope Heaven's a lot like my hometown

I'm walkin' down the old track balancin' on a rail
A Sunday breeze carrying church bells
road will I choose to the grave

And if I'm old 'til this oldness has me dying
I hope youll be by me then
'Cause if I'm old 'til this oldness has me
Got me thinking bout the way we live
I've got this feeling
It's gonna stop

Driven by religion
Running backwards down a one way road
A course
pony knows the way back home

I walked from Natchez
To Hushpakina
I built a fire by the side of the road
I worked for nothin'
In a Belzoni saw mill
I've got a lot of travellin' to do
A whole lot of travellin' to do
I'm gonna fire one up I'm gonna burn it down
And load it right by you
But that
On the march
Madrid to Bombers Bay
Traveling dark
On the road to Mandalay

Pack up the troubles and you'll all get by
Smile boys that's the style
Pack up
And I hope it's some day soon

God made this whole world round
And maybe it's that way
So the paths we go down
Yeah I will cross again some
Twists and turns along the way
But, I still pray for tomorrow,
All my hopes, my dreams
Don't fade away 
Don't fade away

I have painted many
I have prayed
And at your feet my whole life has been laid
So I won't worry I won't be afraid
'Cause my soul is resting on Your higher ways
the way we all run
When we know it all off by heart
Playing down, waiting all out
Will we win or lose it this time?

When the pressure's building for
Now it's time to see just how far this whole thing goes

You take the high road through my mind
I'll take the low road right on by
Either way we'll
Ah to be up and leaving this town
Heading down an open road
To New Orleans, maybe Mexico

The whole world topsy turvy, you feel like you're
Parties go a-searching down the crooked road a ways
Find old rufus there drunk and asleep
Fishing by the water must have killed our beloved daughter
got that short cut way about you
And no one's gonna stare you down
You cook much better on a lower flame
You burn much better when the sun goes down
of the other
Little by little gets a whole lot further
Hittin' our stride, one foot in front of the other

What's down the road we can't say
And the road
better someday?

He will, she knows
He's gonna build their dreams a little further down the road
Her faith, it shows even if the whole world says he