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that man!
Love that, love that, love that, love that man

Whoa, that first kiss you gave me, oh-o-o, how I still remember!
I was just a child, dear.
out to all the refugee gangs around the world
Signal, signal, y'all need to chill with the drive-by's
It was the fourth of July I heard the cherry bomb
I'm home forever

I just can't look at you and leave you, baby
I gotta stay right by your side, hoo...
Let's just stay home tonight

All you gotta
and you're Forever Young
I'm just a kid in the stand waiting for the show
I clap my hands

'Cause you're my favorite song
I just wanna sing along
And it goes
dope boys (Dope boys)

Baptized by the dope boys, ordained by the assholes
My salvation is the cash flow
Whoa, oh
I'm walking on air

I'm talking big
Override the system, drugs with some sick kids
You know what we on, we tryna make the fucking hit list
Write a couple songs and live forever in your
Techno! (Oh now that is good!)
Put a donk on it.

Ay, that's good that Tony!
Aha ha ha sick!

Baseline! (Where'd you learn that one)
Put a donk
You're gonna see em surrender oh

Right now, we'll make it right now
Or nothing's gonna change
And maybe we already know the way
Forever every
peace Vursatyl

Hey what's up dude

Yo my name is Brian but my MC name is Catapult (oh word?)
Word my crew is called the Cannibals (ah cool)
Yeah we're 30