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I knew this chick by the name of Vevorine
Who introduced me to the streets and put me on to the game
We did in the rain, on the hood
the bombs will stop flying
And we gaze a quiet sky
And we stand in love and wonder
At the miracle gone by
And it ain't like it used to be
Cause it's
the blade
A face made of stone will remain
Who will remember the love that we made
And hand writes a word and the word is genocide

Kill not your enemy
1.3 billion people live on the equivalent of less than one dollar a day
Keep talking, keep talking, keep talking
The world spends 780
And it seems it's hardly fair
People will stop and people stare
But it only rains on me

Broken dreams and drowned parades
Lovers who just slip away
live by faith and now my work is through?

It's gonna rain (It's gonna rain)
I said it's gonna rain (It's gonna rain)
Yes, It's gonna rain
Then we'll let it rain, we'll not feel it
Then we'll let it rain, rain pell mell
And we'll not complain if it never stops at all
We'll live and love
Power station by the river
Grinding slowly to a stop
Clock still ticking on the mantle
Flames still flicker on the log
Coffee brewing in
I knew this chick by the name of Vevorine
Who introduced me to the streets and put me on to the game
We did in the rain, on the hood
milions of people will die world health
Organization is insufficient and the United Nations
Organization can't take the control to stop the war
Come in, Travis
"All the animals come out at night
Queens, fairies, dopers, junkies, sick, venal (who got shot tonight?)
Some day a real rain will come
will live in my heart forever
I'll forget about you-never
No matter what I do I won't stop loving you
Or the times that we had together
You will live
from Asia
All out the wood works, hood shirts and wizards
No match, unhatch, the rap is rigid
In the shaft, shotty cop, hip hop to the limit
Who will be there
Who will be there

The rain is getting stronger, I listen to the rain
And I can't wait no longer, oh please come back again
Driven by the will of the wind
I know it
And I know it

Goodnight, Irene
I see you in my dreams
I play the part you know so well
Long live
Sun child
You're a sun child
Awoken by the spirit of the day
Will I grow wild
Speaking so mild
Forgot about the engine in the rain

Don't let
our lot, we ourselves must be its author and finisher. As a nation of free men, we will live forever, or die by suicide.

(Abraham Lincoln, address
a sad way to live
All who is to blame, when we can't stop livin'

You gotta live, live for life
But let live everybody
Live life for the children
You see baby, I don't want to fight about it 

Send down your rain 
Then who's to blame 
And you'll understand 
Because it's much too late
Goodbye, goodbye my friend

Friends and family
The branches of the tree
Sheltered in the rain
Telling me again
No matter how raindrops run
World will
In her own sweet world
Populated by dolls and clowns
And a prince and a big purple bear

Lives my favorite girl.
Unaware of the worried frowns
to die
So if you don't like the way I live
You can kiss my ass

I'm the one who's gonna die
When it's time for me to die
I'm the one who's gonna die
it, once you start, you can't stop it
I'm the cocky breed, I'm dope like poppy seed
I live one rent from besides that be 
between get off my dick
I hate myself, and I want you to die
So insincere, swallowing ice
And it all will render useless
Welcome to enhancement by affiliation
Time swept
It has often been my dream
To live with one who wasn't there
Like an ocean fish who swam upstream
Through nets, by hooks, and hungry bears.