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I was extremely poor
We had a party three years later
Clean Steve wore a robe
He brought a new Nick Lowe cassette
And played it in the road
to handle

Sham 69 were left in a shambles
Generation X was next
Elvis and Nick Lowe
They had a go

With the help of the Attractions
And Joe Jackson
all over the world say their prayers and go to sleep
Knowing that when they wake up, the little fat man with the long white beard
Will have stopped by
© words and music by Nick Lowe and Paul Carrack

(verse 1)
I live on a battlefield
Surrounding by the ruins of the love we built
And them
the one who took away my fear of falling
Only one who see's the sign and know I'm calling
You're the one who took me by the hand, showed me how to fly
Sandy lost her head to a man with no heart
Lately I know 'cause I inflicted his scar
I'm not ashamed I was not to blame
It was purely self-defence,
the day that was hot
Take control, be glad you got soul
Feel the relief, let God handle your beef
That's all I'ma say, Chris Lowe all gone
y'all all in
with a whole lotta soul
It's hot, even though you may think not
Who that scary cat tryin to block my shot?
For what I'm in the cut like I can't come out
Talkin' with a friend that I'd known so long
Tryin' to make a wall disappear
Nobody won, no it couldn't be done
But the wall was never so clear

that marriage license works
On chambermaids and hotel clerks.
The honeymoon was such delight
That we got married that same night.
I'm Sadie, Sadie,

A wrinkled old man wearing medals
That he earned on ? Beach
Saying goodbye to a grandson
Who was killed outside Tikrit
They gather 'round ole
Kick back while I kick facts, yeah Dre, sick track
Perfect way to get back
Wanna hear something wick-wack
I got the same exact tat that's on Nick's
was life that to be found
You're the miracle I prayed about you
You were the one to save my life
In the nick of time

I followed habits around
passed me by
And then you came in my life
And now I am living proof
Of what the gift of pure love can do

When I needed an angel
Here was you who
Or Rag-time Otis!
The lady ain't see light
Can give a horn a fair fight
With a cornet man
A rootin', shootin', ever-tootin' Dapper Dan
Who carries in his
And always stand by me
So I’d be unafraid and free

If there was ever a man
Who was generous, gracious and good
That was my dad
The man, The man
the man who was mortally wounded in war kept on fighting
the man who was cut to the quick by love kept on loving 
the man who was mercilessly
down as the puss from the hot itchy burning little stunt 

I bet on is what you really want 

Cause by the cheek smile, eyes that are hazel 

disappointed friends
And by the way you're on at eight, that's when the show begins

Oh, Aaron, what are you going to do?
You make big promises oh so
let me see who's gonna play
First round draft pick
I'm pickin' Ben
Cause Ben's got platinum
He don't care what I spend
Next up yo, I believe that's Nick
And always stand by me
So I'd be unafraid and free

If there was ever a man
Who was generous, gracious and good
That was my dad
The man, The man
robbed? (robbed)
That was the energy in the club
On the real that was the energy that I loved

Aww man this is (hip hop)
Hands up if you forever a fan
was an angry roar
But life goes on as normal
In all the british nicks
'cause after all what can you say
To men who carry sticks
thing on her mind
	All she wanted was a lovin' man
	All she wanted was a lovin' man
	Who was tryin' to do the best that he can
	All she wanted was
A time of religion and war
Legends tell the tale of a lion
This beast in the shape of a man
With a dream to rule sea and land

And all those who