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Is this a state that you can't control
Or don't you care who you're talking to
Each time when things get out of hand
Why it's the same thing you
If you thought that I didn't care no more
What am I dreaming for?
Maybe you ain't got the time
To let go by

Who's dreaming this dream?
the dead of night
Beware of darkness

Of greedy leaders
Who take you where you should not go
While weeping
the same corporate rock
But now we're sporting punk rock gear.
Who's shocked by tribal tattoos and your pierced ears?

Search for identity -
You put in your
To walk upon them all
To walk upon them all

Halfway there
I was waiting by the phone for you to care
And I can't make a seed grow
to a decision? 
Yes shes going to
Don't Send me there 
The beef for my living just get you no war 
Don't really care write what I like 
Say every type
to a decision? 
Yes shes going to
Don't Send me there 
The beef for my living just get you no war 
Don't really care write what I like 
Say every type
So whatcha think about mortality?
How are these motherfuckers running America
Squeaking by like the sound of my sneakers
Weaker versions
New M5, new,
Yeah I'm the boss but I still get my shooter on
Like I care who you around, I take long shots
NBA shoot around, long shots
Get your
is not here?

I don't discuss my private life in public.

But don't you care that she is not by your side?

I think I've had enough of this
Coz there is enough bad news on the television every night.
So I don't need , need some little punk who's the latest star,
Telling me over and over
tha streets

For my niggaz and shit not makin' no time for you
You the only one who really had a nigga back
But, uh, huh
(I always, I love you)
Yeah, I
clever, with science, but never relyin
On false words from cowards who forever be tryin
Insistin they come off, I let `em get some off
Then come back wit
Let me know pretty baby
Is he doin' you right?
You might need somebody 
New in your life
Somebody who is your type

Call me up,anytime
are they?
They are killers by association
(Got my ID ready)
Who are they?
They’ll hurt your credits if misappropriation

You can’t just get comfy
to similes
Your excuses is useless as photographic memory with dementia
Who cares about how you stack chips or when your plaque chips
They play your shit
the door slam feelin’ worse then I was
She said all I ever made her feel was hurt and disgust
Which in turn hurt cause that was my version of love, I care
I thank, so if I don't your considered slippin
Then I gots to get you even if we ain't trippin
Fuck that nigga who ain't Wadda try to certify
to only what I label
I ain't the kinda guy who carry out for dough
The material cat who walk around for show
I'm jus' everyday, merry-way Joe-in-the-go
just a tiny bit 
I'm clever wit science but never reliant 
Unfalse words from cowards who forever be trying 
Insisting they come off, I let them get
What did you care?
etc. etc.

Anything and everything can be so easily institutionalised,
A poor parody of itself. Itself contained by itself.