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things look different here,
At the mission of the sacred heart

Watching all the days roll by
Who are you and who am I?
How's life on Earth?
my Love Below by her Speakerbox
(The one, Katy Perry tried to kiss my wife)
And gave me dome and Katie's home, baby, this the life!

Enough for Pamela Anderson Lee
My Katy Perry ain't afraid to carry
That shit you sniff, Taylor Swift
Niggas talk yet it remains a myth
I never seen it,
obscure no more
In uniform, in uniform

I am really living life inside a jar: I'm all alone
So I feel forgiven if I'm under par, a fallen clone
Only in
question first

Who am I living for?
Is this my limit?
Can I endure some more?
Chances are given, question existing
Who am I living for?
Is this my limit?
Living in colour, living in colour
I can see the paint on your toes
Living in colour
Even in the blackout, I know

I am floating, I, I am
question first

Who am I living for?
Is this my limit? Can I endure some more?
Chances are given, question existing
Who am I living for?
Is this my limit?
inside of my ride I may let
Last night at five am, and she ain't even recover from last Friday yet
Hoes all over the ride like it's an ice cream truck, I
Nose full of Katy Perry, rollin', ridin' shotgun
Actin' like, I ain't got sense cause I ain't got none
No religious bitches in my circle; I ain't got
I can give it to ya baby,
If ya work it just right maybe you can get the gravy
Damn, Katy Perry was right
These Cali girls need to come to the South
Run this town from the inside out
Block by block from the bottom to the top
I know just who I am
And I know just who I'm not

No you don't
return me to be a simple man
I am destined by the gods to walk this land
To search for love, to search for love
All in my heart, is this enough love...
the grace of the Father and death of the Son
I am the one who redeemed you 
By paying the highest price

I am grace and mercy, I am sacrifice
I am
They say that when it comes to choosing heroes
It's best to pick the ones who aren't around
If you choose among the living
You tend to have

I am constantly in wonder
What kind of an animal can live in this filth
And you, you're the kind of cheap whore
Who's forever been living for
shouldn’t care at all

I have to work for a living
I’m no Marie-Antoinette
People who work for a living
Can’t run away to forget

So here I am
attacked and
Torturing Betsy, until a circle
Was held in candle light
Tell us who you are
Please tell us who you are
I am the air you breathe
His Kids The Same
Why Am I Born On This Side, Who Is For That To Blame ?
Two Worlds We're Living In
Where Is The Sense Of It
Two Worlds We're Living
Tell me,
I don't want a trade at all,
(It's for two?) living off the road.

Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor,
Rich man, poor man, beggar man,
Before I sputter out

Guess who's living here
With the great undead
This paint by numbers life is messing
With my head, once again, once again

man am I, of no eccentric whim
Who likes to live his life free of strife
Doing whatever he thinks is best for him
Well, just an ordinary man

Guess who's living here with the great undead
This paint by numbers life is fucking with my head, once again

Life is good
And I feel great
'Cause mother
and not by sight
I am trusting in invisible things
For I have felt in my heart, what I can't see with my eyes
'Cause the proof is living inside of me
are done?I am having too much fun 
Stay home at night and have a fight?Who can tell who's wrong or right?Up at eight and don't be late?Double time
Depending on you too
Am I wrong to hunger
For the gentleness of your touch...
Knowing you've got someone else at home
Who needs you just as much