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]	Me and Nas bring it to your hardest

[Slick Rick]
Skills provide the shows, also fright the foes
And when I step into a room, pimps hide they hoes
afraid to touch it
The sheets were hot dead prisons
And she was beside me
Old, she's not, young
Her dark white hair
Her white soft skin

Now, run
[Slick Rick]
He in a bid nap, human being waste spittin
As I'm sweepin through an alley in New York, a stray kitten
Dog chase a couple of blocks,
[Ving Rhames]
He's a hustler, unbound by law
A self-made, millionaire
With a wreckless disregard, for the haters
Ludacris, on "Southern Gangsta"
Like Mike my spikes they all white
Twenty fo' carat gold, baby carats worth of ice
Ice insured, fuck life insurance
I live for the moment
and they give her a smack
Oh I like to get my beer and sit on my front step or by the store
Hanging out where white folks fear to tread, yeah this is my home
without sin I'd probably hate life

This is dope as that hard white you stuff in a crack pipe
A hit of this, a kid with Tourrets will chill out and act
grabbed him by the coat

Don't try to save me
Just let me be
I'm not your brother
Step back
Rick James, respect that

[ Slug ]
all ready know what it is)

Thank god for those days, thank god for those nights
Though it might seem wrong thank god for that white
They use
the worst of all
Bullshit MC's I motherfuckin' curse 'em all
Like my Nikes white like them birds that don't even chirp at all
Alkaholiks nurture y'all,
in the house and take them on a trip through Hell
Let's say, for instance, there was this white bitch
I met her before this story but this time she got