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are the lighting, We are the path, Keep shining

We making money like tat make money like cash
Grandmaster D to Grandmaster Flash
it back
Is it okay for me to say? I don't know, so I watch and stand
In front of a line of police that look the same as me
Only separated by
of Atmosphere]
"Pray to God that you could be like us" - [Grandmaster Flash]
"God damn...damn" - [Run DMC]
"Oh my"
"CUT!" - [James Brown]
"God Knows!"
your eyes
The good, the bad, the wrong, the right
Fade into a bright white line
Shinin' down on you
Your hangin' on by a thread
Wondering which ones
your eyes
The good, the bad, the wrong, the right
Fade into a bright white line
Shinin' down on you
Your hangin' on by a thread
Wondering which ones
To stay at home
And see
The mirror ball's throwing mold
You can't get a grip if there's nothing to hold
See the flash catch a white lily laugh
ain't my game
But today I see you
And I hang my head in shame

Lipstick on your collar, and the colour isn't mine
White lines on the dresser, and you
Grandmaster Flash, Spoonie G and the Treach' Three
Fearless 4, spirit of hip-hop was etched in me
See, I was down, brah, but let me get down to
V-Town I was
in the temple where I was praying
Now flashbacks wake me abruptly when police pass by
Lights flash, if i could only put the past on a flash drive I’d
What this night wants is what it gets,
Strung in silken knots,
Lit by cigarettes 
Flaring side by side,
With the streets all wet,
As the only
Yes please, test me
Nestle chocolate mix collection
Isabelle Allende, no comprender?
Fight niggas with djembes
White bitches with hair spray
sightless and colourless, moving by program alone.
This is grey skies dense with a patchwork of contrails, the inter-lacing lines that score the sky, that's
word, nigga
Someone who stays high
Watching their life go by
Someone content with riding it behind, nigga

They come in all colors, white, black, Puerto
complain the tap-water runs solid white, you dangle fishing line for crabs, 
But they're not interested, I'm your only bite. 

I watched your face move in
a nine and blow your mind all around you"
Now they got a white chalk line all around you
Hanging from a telephone pole's how they found you
lethal plus we taking over
I’m getting older so I live by the new slogan
That Philly shit the barrel smoke will leave your head open
It’s open season
exotic subtonic
We fuzzy navel

We on channel matrix
Mate chicks that dominate
We skinny dive the divas
With zebra tommy heaters
On any line you
to nine generals at one time 
Fine we blend wine  go beyond one line 
Spot the snakeskin, Dunn was scaley 
Chopped his head off fuhrilly, sit back, crack
glocks, white glocks spit like sheet rock
You know a drank on me, this concert gon' stop
A lot of cops at the scene tryin' to shut shit down
You was
This is what I believe he says, too lazy to correct line-by-line…:
“Fuck swag
Fuck swag
Fuck swag
Fuck swag

15’s in the back
R.I.P enough of that shit niggas that want to OD
Aiyyo the bottom line is I'ma crook with a deal
If my record don't sell I'ma rob and steal
You better
Celine Dion chickenheads yo straight out of Houston
Big ballers wall to wall brawlers die for us
Lie for us, snatch white man money cry for us
Hey doorman,
Tell 'em line up the cris,
I put my money on the roof and crush this bitch,
You niggas keep wavin' them wrists,
I put my money
on the main line
Dopefiend's dose, so I go claim mine
25 cartons, now I'm straight
Keep 17, and the homeboys 8
Cop some hop, start back boomin
Got em sendin
of the day, we fucking survivors
I remember watching Scarface the first time
Look at that big house, that Porsche paid for by crime
How could I sell this poison