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In darkness
The above
Son of a tornado
He lies in the slumber of (dark) clouds

Born by a thought
He flies through
A dark star follows me tonight
Filled with horror and delight
She's come to make another son
A brother for the other one
Who's gone

The black
In this world o' darkness,
Evil rules by night,
But somewhere in the shadows, someone seeking light

No one knows his neighbor here,
No one has
name in the prison books

Orleans Parish Prison won't you free my dark-haired girl?
She´s tired and cold and you got the gold
She took from a hungry
But the mare in the woods submits
For the regaining of Foster brother's
Loke, the son of Fårbaute.. Father of
Born of earth, unbound by
I am the master starving for your blood
I am the chaos breeder in my seeds of evil

I live forever in the dark
With whores by my side
Calling out my name

Hand in hand we laid the deed
And evil we have done
Evil I will do no more
To a mother and her son

Katy Katy stay away from me
How am I still in the dark when the world is on fire
Lit by the passing of sparks I crouch low in my shadow

When the world is on fire
How am I
Him in the grave
And the ones He loved had fled into the dark
Then His love and power raised Him
God won the victory
But they only recognized Him by
the gutters 
Mothers leave their sons 
While the curious men 
With their curious smiles 
Leave rejected in pairs 
One by one 

From action, not from fear
Born and raised on desert planet 
In a galaxy far away 
Trained by a knight who was supposed 
To teach him The Way 

A natural mechanic, a skillful
Yo, first of all son peep the arson
Many brothers I be sparkin' and bustin' mad light inside the dark
Call me dough snatcher just the brother for






Love comes to carry us on
To kneel with the broken in spirit
And call upon the Son

So many holes here within
Torn apart and then blown by the wind
a miracle

One honest prayer coming from the heart

A small coal mining town in West Virginia

Prayed as they kept vigil day and night

Saddened by
The son of Solomon died in love's battleground

I am far shattered by these sinning times
For all your suffering by night
Oh, [Incomprehensible]

The son of Solomon died in love's battleground

I am far shattered by these sinning times
For all your suffering by night
Oh, [Incomprehensible]

For too long closed in slumber - but death didn't prove our demise
By ages so dark we've been sculptured as fragments of story and tales
As we
Up in the street
 To a precise beat
 Painting shadows on the wall
 Well, we cut cars and fly by bars
 All for one and one for all
bruised by a lady in black
I held my tongue as she told me, son
Fear is the heart of love, so I never went back

If Heaven and Hell decide that they both
'Twas in the year of '82,
In the springtime of the year,
I left my mother and a home so dear
All for that girl on the Greenbriar shore.

Deep as the abyss and brothers is mad fish accept it
In your Cross Color clothes you've crossed over
Then got Totally Krossed Out and Kris Kross
Before it was dark she opened the ark
And found the sweet babe that was there

And away by the waters so blue
The infant was lonely and sad
She took him in
breath the angels bring?
Could this be the face of God, this child, the son I once carried?

In the dead of the night
As his life slips away
As he reads by
Written by peter green and j.s. green.

Oh, there's a way to keep the dark from the light
And there's a way to take the cold out of the night
the dark of the moon
And your son Ed was blowed down in a drunken saloon

Then there was Bob Younger, you loved him so well
He rode with the James Boys out