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Well, there was me and Bobby and Bobby's brother
Please take me back to that place
Where I've got all my memories, those were my happiest days
knowing what, where or how you were thinking
Do you hear the voices in the night, Bobby?
They're crying for you
See the children in the morning light, Bobby
on looking for the life
That's not the life she's livin' now

Bobby Darwin's daughter used to ask her father
Where Santa Clause and babies and God came
We're on our way

Remember words you wrote in my old yearbook
All of the promises and plans we made
But like our innocence and best intentions
salt was thrown on me and my boys (you know what I'm sayin') but now we're back picking up where we left off (aw yeah) and through this song, process
said what you meant
And you menat what you said 

Had a friend named Bobby
Who always kept his word
We went through schoolyard fights
Had a thing
So she took to runnin' round all over town

Ain't it funny how life turns out that way


The years have tumbled by Bobby turned an ol' blind
when we talk on the phone
When you see him face to face he'll leave you alone
That's why I'm smoking on this fucking Bin Laden
All my niggas in the hood
That's why I'm smoking on this fucking Bin Laden
All my niggas in the hood they got it
Take one little puff you a addict
Take a gun to the head means
need no knowledge 
Of how she ran my
Memory, I've been to this day
This fine day you made
Suddenly I flash back to bobby
Remembering a special envy
a stage
So let me play for you and you and you
Bobby Dread and the cool running
It's all I ever in my life
I really wanted
To sing and do
Bobby Dread
Can't say her name but we were two
I grabbed her waist and we would move
And then one day we were thru
And by the way I must be true

Cause all
Bobby by the pound, Whitney by the key
DJ Screw by the gallon, bitch the game belong to me

I got money on my beeper, dead trees on my phone
They call me
niggas out here

None of why'all niggaz out here
'Cause you ain't, none of my motherfuckin comrades
I don't give a, flyin fuck, what?
You want it?
The TV is turned down the kids are in bed
And thoughts of you darling spin around in my head
Bobby still loves you and as he walks by
He says where's
were good friends of mine

Mary took her life in a hotel room
Brian hung himself from a cell in the tombs
Bobby jumped in front of a subway train
the taste of the lead, buck buck
The bass and the treb', the space in the back
Where chumps walk by, and they face get slapped
I'm not known to talk a lot
It's all fucked up

Government's corrupt
Police force, corrupt
Education's corrupt
It's all fucked up

Now Bobby and Susy were unhappily wed
So Bobby
And I saw the tape across his chest

We were just about on the highway
When Bobby's jeep come up in the dust on my right
I pulled over and let my
an easy lover 
To the midnight, butt naked wit' a knife 
Ask my alien likes - I've been crazy all my life 
Hard time homicide, time flies, do or die
Give it all that he can

I was wrong about Bobby, don't you know
He's had it tough and he had to make a go
But if he doesn't stop fucking with me
and misery 

Feathers of my wings paralyzed by the distance of my mind 

Here I stand before you, the color of the night 

Frozen by the potential of me
Well here we again me and my friends on a Friday night
Waitin' on Jimmy he's always gotta get his hair just right
Bobby yells where we gonna go
Bobby was a skinhead, but Bobby's hair grew, all for a bird who made him bbblue
or I could be poor but if you were by my side
I could be anyplace in the whole wide world and I know that I'll be satisfied
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