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nobody saw

days go by, here in the fan I'm fine
Falling off blades sometimes, landing on lies

crouched in a hallway made safe by the screen

If I could tell you
Word by word, you'd take it from me

It would be over
Landing us where you thought we would be
can and an old hurley ball

So I walked as day was dawning
Where small birds sang and leaves were falling
Where we once watched the row boats
know thick or thin..

Landing in empty parking lots
In deserted discount stores,
Negro observers are landing by the scores!
Dropping down in low-rider
On the lake,
The deep forbidden lake,
The old boats go gliding by,
And the leaves
Are falling from the trees
And landing on the logs and I
be landing
Far away from where I'm standing
Day by day creating in my imagination

The well has run dry of all my ideas
Silence so loud, have
I was down by the landing 
When the big boat, Lord, pull of his load
Once I was down by the landing, n'yeah
A-when the big boat, Lord, pull off his
Be my little baby.

I take you down by the water 
Some December morning.
Take you from your family, 
Leave them with their longing.
Take you
And she won't let me go
Let me come inside

I was late and my face was wet, toe up on a private jet 
Spiraling down with a cigarette, where we going now
From the landing of Portree
To the wild Cape Breton coast
Every mile in between
And on every word I spoke

Where the fire meets the sky
Landing itself was nothing
We touched upon a shelf of rock
Selected by the auto-mind
And left a galaxy of dreams behind
the Olso hall
While all the cold Norweigians cried
Who could say
What was left and where was right?
By the way
I could play the blues all night
be landing, far away from where I'm standing
Day by day creating in my imagination

The well has run dry of all my ideas
Silence so loud, have
at one time
But now that time has passed
And I'm the last one
Walking down this path
I walk along the same old streets
Where we used to meet by chance

So I walked as day was dawning
As small birds sang when leaves were falling
Where we once watched the row boats landing
On the broad majestic
Meet me down by the jetty landing
Where the pontoons bump and spray
All the others reading, standing
As the Manly ferry cuts its way to Circular
leave behind this landing schemes 
And push into the skies 

It doesn't mean a thing 
In the land of the blind 
The one-eyed man is king
at the landing when the boats come in
People stand in line
Close by the water where the fishes swim

'Round and 'round to pass the time
But you know it's
Made pale by putrid light and shadow
Your face reminds me of the dead
Just a little less beautiful with twice the rot
I guess I'm seeing through that
don't want to hold on
I want the strength to let go

And I'm doing just fine
I'm always landing on my feet
In the nic of time
And by the skin of my teeth
Whirring, see the weird ship landing
Come to take us home with them
To a world of love
Do you want to come with us?

Fetch no net of safety
Was my First Look

I think I want to go flyin'
But I don't want to leave the ground
So I'll just cruise on my landing gear
And taxi round
Maybe you're thinking of someplace
With a garden by the sea
Where we could slow down
And you could put a little more work in on me

What with all my
From where I'm standin'
You're always talking 'bout love
You're too demanding
You've got your head in the clouds
Well happy landing
You know
On a short trip we made a landing
Then we were strangers in town
How they stared as we made our exit
We're white they're all brown