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Blue sky the waters clear
Our love's garden to tend and to rule
No fear mischief in the shadows waits
We have each other and time to kill
That is where you can be found
As you take your ease 'neath your favorite trees
That are green the whole year 'round

Green the whole year 'round,
really tough that you
keep the record player going by rubbing two sticks together. And if all else fails, throw
the record away... build your own green
the sign was seen
Under the stars where

The leaves were green
Under the stars where the sign was seen
0 how many shining hearts
With love has guided
By the father's hand
Must not get left behind.

Rasta seh - guidance
(4) But Backrah seh different still

Babylon makes the rules but
Jah love will
the grass turn green
'Cause the little love you gave me
Was more than I had seen

Helen, it hurts when I try to be strong
When most of the reasons for livin'
keep their bellies full
In love and war there are no rules

But in their eyes
Murder comes by sea and from the skies
It's shiny and it's quick to take
to love this
Green and pleasant land
Which way should I turn?
'cause I seem to fall towards burning
But when I look inside I find the place
To cry,
the white sun has shown 
And I slip away
Down by the water
And I slip away
Down by the sea
Take love and give love
It's got to be free 

The old man
By a single touch from You

So, I depend on You, no matter what I do
I know You'll always come though
You'll never change the rules
I can
Thinking of your private future
You snatched at the trees
In the starry dark green sleep
Thinking of your private future
You think at the river
Thinking of your private future
You snatched at the trees
In the starry dark green sleep
Thinking of your private future
You think at the river
the library, there are no rules
Surrounded by stories surreal and sublime
I fell in love in the library once upon a time 

I was the pirate and she was
by the rules reapply
Creeps low wit cruise control when I'm high
Brand new 22 shoes on the ride
Gotta get blatta tatted
Hit up green rise

everyday and night
Even in our sleep
Love is alive
And it's made a happy woman out of me
Oh love is alive
And here by me

Love ain't just a rule
I will sing of a place that you may have seen in the eastern half of our land so green
Where the sun is warm and the sky is blue and the love
Telling you how music's supposed to be
Cos it's a game played by those who love celebrity
And that's not what music supposed to be
Al Green, Sam Cook
Where does it come from?
When everything was outside
Busted and blue
How in the universe
Through the lithium
Busted and blue

I was asked by
The pastures were green and the meadows were gold
Our love was in flower as summer grew on
Her love like the leaves now has withered and gone
Alone and forsaken
And it ain't no rules when you in this game

There's ten laws to the game nigga be raised by 'em all
Get ya respect on at all times nigga hustle
The killer, Scylla, and the limping fool
All the beggars play by the beggars' own rules
On a sea of destruction

All right

A sea of destruction
Hello love, my invincible friend
Hello love, the thistle and the burr
Hello love, for you I have so many words
But I, I forget where we were

Oh hey,
Oh good heavens, baby where's my medicine?
I must have left it outside with my etiquette
The undertaker's rule of thumb
It's hard to talk with
the dust and green magnesium fire
I can rest easy now, and watch the carnival rolling by

Cause a rose that will be growing
In the place where I have hidden
play with your heart until she 
Breaks down your defences one by one 
So line up your soldiers and she'll shoot them all down 
'Cause Alisha rules