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the groove
And move
Fix your eyes on a spot
It doesn't matter where
Just fix your eyes on on espot
And begin to relax
Feel your mind and body
Omie, and away we will go.
We'll go and get married and no one will know."

She climbed up behind him and away they did go,
But off to the river where
to the river where deep waters flow. 
"John Lewis, John Lewis, want you tell to me your mind?
Do you intend to marry me or leave me behind?" 

"Little Omie,
(That's where you and I, you and I begin)
The greatest romance that's ever been sold
The greatest romance that's ever been sold

Baby, baby
blatantly blasphemous
Publicly perpetrating that "In God We Trust"
Cross-examined by a master manipulator
The faster intimidator
Receiving the judge's

They said a piece of my ambition's ambitious
Hat back, snap back, Brooklyn Mishka
Movie role, studio, rubber grip in my cuticles
The trail in between is way too far
Where do I begin?

I've always counted all my blessings
Knowing you'll defend me, stand by my side
I always turn
him, whose name we do not know
He also lived in the garden
But he had no mouth or eyes
One day Adam came to kill him
And he died beneath these skies
multiply- tear Heaven down...
With a Serpent's kiss, with a Serpent's kiss..."
[The Serpent to Eve (in turn, Eve to Adam):]
"Black superstition, denied by
(D. Vaughn, M. Clayton, B. St.James)
Someone get the doctor, gypsy woman weave your magic spell
Shaman do your rain dance, looks like Mother

Taking our own sweet time
Love, it comes easy
Nothing better to do
Baby, just me and you
Taking our own sweet time

People forget
Where do we begin
We are lost, we are polluted
We are lost, we are polluted
We are lost, we are polluted

Where do we begin
When everything is
good it feels

Now can you tell me, what, what we gonna do now
Where we gonna go now, what we gonna say now
Now can you tell me, what, what we gonna do
You promised love that never would end but now you are gone and the hurtin' begins
Just what do you mean that I'm no more than a friend
Oh darling
know that you greatly disapprove

Stranded like starfish on the shore, when the moon eclipses the sun
So the countdown do begin. No leg, no feet, no
Standing in the middle of nowhere
Wondering how to begin
Lost between tomorrow and yesterday
Between now and then

And now we're back where we
Looking I can't tell where the city stops
And the nothing begins, begins, begins
(We were younger then)
Only in pictures before have I seen
(We were
we were made
In his image start looking at what you came from.

Right after Adam every atom in our anatomy had to make
Adamant after what Adonai is
who's gonna be around
When the trouble come down
And where do we begin
Start by looking in
Your brother and your best friend
‘Cause who's gonna come
But we're not gon' sit down and read magazines about it
You got to feed it to us in a way where we'd accept it
Sneak it into the play-by
Where does the madness end?
How far down do the rungs expire
In smoke and burning heat?
In depravity and sin?

In her shocking retinue
I saw
Hear how the wind begins to whisper
See how the leaves go streaming by
Smell how the velvet rain is falling
Out where the fields are warm and dry
How do we begin to heal so many broken hearts? How do we begin
To face the anger? How do we face the morning after
Without the faces that won't come
Thinking bout what we are
Thinking bout what we do
What do you mean to me?
What do I mean to you?
How many times have we
Felt the necessity
Tonight I need to be here in your arms.
Where the  hurting ends and the love begins.
Do right by me and I'll never do you wrong. 

It feels so good