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still young
The night is still young
And so are we

Ayo, drinks on you or the drinks is on me
We ain't going nowhere like tanks is on E
We still
This life I live it might not be for you but it's for me though
Let's roll!

This is how we roll
We hanging round singing out everything on the radio
Together breaking every rule
They say that we're just young and fools, young and fools

Grown ups what do they know
Living by the stories on the radio
This is how we do
When the world turns ugly I just turn and look at you
Baby, this is how we roll
This is how we roll baby

Yeah we're proud to be young
made you cry
But we got by 

My old friend
You make me feel young again
My old friend
You're just as pretty as you were back then
number anyway you were on the talcum
Powder, how's about them oranges
Moved away from home to school with big plans
By day, studied the history of music
I slip only when P-Nut gets me baked from that shake

Yeah you can't fuck with this
You're Walter Middy don't take it as a dis
But the fantasy has
I slip only when P-Nut gets me baked from that shake

Yeah you can't f*** with this
You're Walter Middy don't take it as a dis
But the fantasy has
when people are sleeping]
[I go into their old radios and turn them into magic transistors]
[And fly outside with them]
[I come from such a far away
Remember when, we were young

Turn it up, turn it up
Turn up your radio loud
Don't forget where you come from
It's too soon to be proud

Once upon a time not long ago
When people wore Adidas and lived life slow
When laws were stern and justice stood
And people was behaving like
baby, feel the wind in our hair
We were too young to know better and to cool to care
All I wanted was you by my side, baby, you're only along for
know what it said?
When they're torn out by the roots
Young brothers join in cahoots
To send a smoke signal
Near and far
A smoke signal
No matter
at the same table when the chips were checked
A gamblin +Rebel+ who +Inspects+ the +Deck+
Just when you thought we would fold our hand
Against all odds we
at me
When you have to purchase mad D batteries
Appreciate every mix tape your friends make
You never know we come and go like we're on the interstate

My heart's a stereo
It beats for you, so listen close
Hear my thoughts in every note

Make me your radio
Turn me up when you feel low
I live
When you were young were you just like me
A grim future but you didn't care
Now I can tell by the threads on you
You took a turn
over we're heading for clover
Chasin' the big time being young

(And you gotta)
Hang on to your airplane honey
Let it lift you up don't let it hang you
when they see me initially
One by one I take 'em all individually
And if it's goin' down then we doin' it collectively

Just thought I'd let you know
"Earth to Del, Earth to Del, Earth to Del do you read me?
Do you copy Del? It seems we've lost radio contact
Descend for warp speed so you can
I wished would never end
A young boy and his father,
Idol and best friend

I'll always remember
Those were the best of times
A lifetime
turn-of-the-century ways

How did we strike it rich?
Kissing up to the powerful
How did we make our pitch?
Satellites by the towerful
Why do you young people have
from the car, step away from the car
We're a wild and rowdy bunch when you pass us by 
Bobby's buggin' baby sister and makin' her cry 
If I have
Down by the lake we were overturning pebbles
And depending all the animals alive
And I took a drag from your cigarette
And I pinched it 'tween my
told me when I was young
You got two ears boy and just one tongue
He said the reason why were made that way
We got more to learn then we have to say