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Was shot down at home by the Ford brothers' guns

Belle Starr, Belle Starr, your time's getting late
But how is Jim Younger, did you hear his fate?
Jesse got married, had a wife and a son
Was shot down at home by the Ford brothers' guns

Belle Starr, Belle Starr, your time's getting late
But how
off duty Atlantic cops
On Halloween last year the case was dismissed due to  
Insufficient evidence

More controversy surrounding Tupac Shakur,
when Atlantic Starr was payin no mind to me in the front row
I wasn't FUCKIN with the Isley Brothers, the Gap Band
On stage all them shiny
Another plane went down today in the
Atlantic nine miles off shore
And every single black car that goes by just
Might be yours
I haven't moved
They came from Scandinavia
The land of midnight sun
And crossed the North Atlantic
When this century was young
They'd heard that in America
My life's been so sweet I just can't stand it.
I must admit I've made out like a bandit.

Last night's conversation with a real good friend of mine,
inside, get out the rain get dry
Sticky's in the back playing pool by the sauna

[Fredro Starr (Sticky Fingaz) {Sonsee} *Veronica*]
We stepped in the back
up my hair

The sun was sinking into the Atlantic
The last time that I turned my back on you
I tried to summon up a little prayer as I went under
, by, bye-bye
Wave bye, sugar boats!
As soon as you paint every last grain of sand
As you soon as you paint every star
In the sky, sky, sky, sky, sky, sky
Last time I saw Jeannine

Last time 
Last time I saw Jeannine
Recall when we were seventeen
I was a beau
'Twas not so long ago
But too short
Nothing lasts forever, you should know that by now
Good times, heartache
You'll get through this trouble though you may not know how
Your heart won't
the streets are wet
Body of water, toxic and timeless
Atlantic ocean, New York skyline
I always get lost
When I leave the village
So couldn't come meet you
I sit alone as the night goes by
Stare at the phone and wait for your reply

Long long distance love affair, I can't find you anywhere
the upper hand and still play by the book
The truth? It's always the last place you look. 
That's right here

Uh-oh. You feel that? That's
when style was the name belt buckles and Lee's
Boomers, Sticky green trees

("Grip the stereo in an instant")
("And then I twist up a bud light
and you know that you can't be, what we be


[Fredro Starr]

When I was born, I never thought that I could be like that
? up
mother`s eyes
That would hold a tear
For the very first time
When the government took his job away
Now fist in hand he`ll stand in line
Declare his name
you, you, you

Let's go, Starsky and Hutch man
Fire and Stick
Light ya blunts up, light ya blunts up
Yo, yo

[Fredro Starr]
I'm 'bout to hit
talkin' years ago, I could see
But it's the 90's now and rap is all about me

Listen when it comes down to rappin'
I was through with it before you
don't know where
Yakko: They crossed the Atlantic
       And spotted a country
       Magellan said
Mglln: It's the East Indies at last!
give a row
Atlantic A-D-see is what I'm always givin' up
So niggas see-ware of the notorious "Panic Zone"
Crazy S-be	-G
By the way it's Mr. Gangsta Bone
{*beeper goes off eight times*}

[Sonee Seeza]
Aiyyo, fuckin bitches man.. (worrrrrd up)
See that's what happen man
when you fuck the dog-shit out
a M-16, and the 9?
Will I have to go out, blazing one at a time?
When you took moms baby carriage, in the early stage
Was he too ill for this world, and you
a fashion show, you know
It's all I love like McEnroe, but sorry I have to go
One time, yo
Meet Mr. International on the runway more than a fashion show,