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The sun goes down
The light it leaves
The mind can't imagine
What the night conceives

The siren wails
She flirts, she calls
Promise nothing
the evening When the sun goes down
The streets are all aglow

We walk out on the hillside
City shines below
We sit down for our supper
The news begins
really love me, Jeanie Jeanie you're so fine, yes you are now 
And in the evening, when the sun goes down 
I'll be the bluest of men in this town
guns in the silence of the wood,
And the icicles hang down like tusks under the parka hood;
When the stove-pipe smoke breaks sudden off, and the sky is
Uh uh
I was at rock bottom, my whole life was mo' problems
Reincarnation of a slave pickin' cotton
Stress beamin' down like the sun I felt rotten
loot, gun, hons and fun
From down sun to up sun
Can't forget the lyrics cause that's my bread and butter, I make bread
When I'm butter and wicked like
Because my woman is fine as wine
And she goes by the name of Louis Line
But she didn't come here with me this time
I'm feeling real sad, but not that bad