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love to this Atlan'

My Sex Intelligence makes all you otha' niggas irrelevant
And she screaming Re-mix this dope shit
In the room like an elephant
Darkness falls
Around your window pane
A light still burns
But just a smouldering flame
Is it the end of another affair
An open engagement with
the sky 
I'll always know that you'll be by my side 
Another tear will not be shed 
Its just you and I 
When the day turns into night my love 
I know this
Danced all night, and slept all day
Careless with my heart again
Fearless when it comes to playing games

You don't cry, and you don't care
set and you will walk right in
He only wants a fly by night affair and nothing more
And you're just fool enough to fall again

Somebody's back in
scared, alone
I'm looking into your eyes to feel your call
Pretty thing that catches me so strong when I fall

Another shining morning
[?] got you by
of the stars that shine through the night
You glow with heaven's light

Oh, it's me for you and you for me that's how it got to be
Though love affairs may
tripping, trying to take me there
I'm not looking for no love affair
(Sometimes it make me feels so sad when I think about it)
(But I'm not looking, hey
don't be afraid (oh)
About what your gonna hear right now baby oh
Listen, listen
(What is it?)
I'm not trying to fall in love with you
I'm just
when she gets a chance ta.
Left her husband, alone to raise they son hes in pampers.
Modeled for a year, got her bachelors degree.
33 recovering from
with, I love the way she suck dick
It make me bust this
It's hard to hold back when it's this good
You said she wouldn't I knew the bitch would
just don't fall in love.
Next thing you know I'm hugged up wit this b**** in tha tub.

Palm Springs, Al Capone's Sweat washin' her feet.
Is this
Never thought I'd fall in love with a chicken from the hood
She spoke like the sage, wise from experience and age
and taught me how to channel my rage
try to be good,
Cause Mum and Dad'll get along much better when I'm being good"
Signin' it, "Love, your Grandson", quietly he stored it in