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And the wings that you burn turn to ashes my dear
And ashes just fall to the ground
Yeah we're only ashes

Part by part and inch by inch
right then I'm left with nothing
Your light and your heat have all been spent
Leaving only smoke and ashes
Only smoke and ashes baby 

I've got a red
He makes them shine with ashes.

He knows the use of ashes.
He worships God with ashes.
The coins are often very old by the time they reach
modern days.

What's this fire that burns the wires?
Death by fire from the wires

There was nothing left. They found only ashes on the ground
No one could
Only the strong survive
Ashes to ashes
Minds turn to dust
Lost in the whirlwind
A touch of madness
I'm touched
By madness
burn my diary
The only thing I left behind - besides these ash remains

Ashes to ashes - body and pages
Let my mind live through the ages 
Nothing can deliver back the ashes of the dead
Our own institution crashes down from high above
We are all the children destined to be left cold
We were there in the woods by the water
We left our packs up against that willow tree
We dove right in, keeping just what we were born with
Are leveled to the ground
Powerless to cope for there was
No-one left to trust
Nothing there to hope for when your
Dreams have turned to dust
is closer ashes fallin' by our side
And every breeze is burnin' singin' with its warnin' cry
We've got to reach the river but it's still ten miles
There's a dead girl's body
By the railroad track
She's waiting for a train
Jimmy left town like a fade to black
In his Camero in the rain 


I was naive
For ever wanting this much
Using self-deception
As my only crutch

Footsteps diverge
From the path they once walked
Words are
bones are left on the stake

The question of the interrogators
Extorted the false confessions
Broken upon the will they ended
Without even knowing
are down
No new conversation
Never a sound, never a sound

What's the point in holdin' on
When the spirit is gone, holdin' on
What's the point in
We were there in the woods by the water
We left our packs up against that willow tree
We dove right in, keeping just what we were born with
Strange, strange

I was born into confusion
My mother said to me
'When you become a man you'll understand'
But it's still a mystery
But i can still make out the numbers and the heart beside your name
Until tonight they'd only lit a single cigarette
Now one by one I'm striking them
baby, baby, baby

In the mornin' when I've got heartache,
I can't call up the doctor for help,
'Cause the only person that could ever do me any good,
From the ashes we will rise
It's okay to feel lost 
Walk through the flames and see
You're only left with what you need 
We're only here for
connection's so electric and high
From our ashes we'll rise

Only time knows, for together
For together we will fly
No labels, some things are just
It used to be so full of faith and now it only hurts
And I can hear the devil whisper
"Things are only getting worse"
You left my heart as empty
Ashes and promises share a bond
Through the winds of change
Words are blown away
When visions that should be
Are tattooed in your mind
The power
fingers in your ears

And you left by the morning
With all that's left to steal
But every time you say farewell
There's breadcrumbs at your heels

Did you
left you baby
I would have left you baby
I would have left you babe, if I only could

Woo, woo

When we are where we should
You only left the load I care
Now that you're down 
I'm going to stick by you
If you will only say 
Your roamin' days are through
Well now