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When lava pours out near the sea surface
Tremendous volcanic explosions sometimes occur
In time, sub-marine seamounts
Or islands, are formed
Everybody loves you and they want to know your story
You go riding out a mystery concealed in all your glory
But when it comes to flesh and bones
A surface scratch is so hard to see 
The surface mark You left upon me 

Don't forget to come back 
Tell her to come back 

I've been waiting
just when I want them to
Still they come and keep me high

And the morning sun comes shining through my window
And it's good to be alive
It's gonna
landscapes we would see
Beneath my surface the water's heating
And steam comes up and out the tears you see me shine
For every strange and bitter moment
Sharks don't attack the Irish,
It's mostly Australians.
There's nothing accomplished
By these splashing citizens.
From the Moon down
are best expressed by nature
Like the song of a sun
We split our roads in a race to power
Like we split the atom

Is it only love that you favor?
we are apart
Your presence's more than I can handle
It's come to the point where I wonder if I
Could ever be luckier when

Suddenly I'm back
to see
When you surface where you'll be

Won't you stay?
Your friends want to play.
Won't you stay?
Your friends want to play.
nighttime has begun

If a plane were to fall from the sky
How big a hole would it leave in the surface of the earth
The surface of the earth?

camera away 
Someone take today as traffic passes by 
Never see me
Never see at all 
I don't need you 
Your lies they won't surface 
Your mind it
this miracle birth
The humblest of people catch a glimpse of their worth
For it isn't to the palace that the Christ child comes
But to shepherds
You are chains
When you're chained
With a chain
With an iron ring
Bound to a rock
On which you stand
So large
You can't see from its surface
state of being
When everything I'm striving for it's nothing that I'm seeing

Won't you take my heart, won't you take my soul
Won't you come and make
When the time comes
But you're no longer there
Fall down to my knees
Begin my nightmare

Words spill from my drunken mouth
I just can't keep
And without her it might as well be the surface of the moon 

From the well-swept streets of Jackson Heights to the dockside drudgery
Here it comes, our death comes
And in my sleep I can't forget

Reaching for the surface, I see you
Welcome to this....


Hate breeds more hate
I can't stop it
Now it's pushing to the surface
I suggest you run somewhere far from
a life that's true?
When the worries speak louder than wisdom
It drowns out all the answers I knew

So I'm tossed on the waves of that surface
are everything you are
Feel my soul come awake
You carry me away

When I hurt, when I bleed
You're holding me
Feel you scratching at the surface
High enough that you can hide
Make it out of what might have been
You say youÿll come out, but when?
Down below, reddening the surface
defenses, down by my clothes
I'm learning to fall, with no safety net, to cushion the blow

I bruise easily, so be gentle when you handle me
Ain’t it funny how, in a minute, your whole life’s looking fine
And a short few words later it all just comes untied?
You can’t believe you’re
the perfect ballad
 To move you

 Fight with little purpose
 Only meaning to scratch the surface
 It's not pretty underneath
 There among debris find
I am lying in my bed
Watching the spider eat the fly
I say "How is that its breakfast even for you"
A little later I am sitting by the window