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tolerance for internet wars or soft beats
Lord of the island where Piggy got stuck

When the city burns down I'm gonna go to Disney world
World, world, world,
If I could put all my pain today
Inside a bottle to float away
I would return to the time when I
I could just spread my wings and fly

day, no time mi no accept no common assault
Naw watch no face man a living Juggernaut
Man a no Bugs Bunny, Man a no Disney nor Walt

See dem a come
there stopped to think
What our lives might be like today
If Karl Marx was as good a salesman
As Walt Disney

The bacon brought
You home to cook
mess with your business
Mickey Mouse cheese, hip-hop Walt Disney
Sheesh, gosh
Oshkosh B’gosh
Smokin on that Bob Marley
Listening to Pete Tosh
My rhymes shine like Windex 
From index to-uh glossary (glossary) 
Front to back cover to cover 
When the snare cracks over the phat track, I
so funky you have to ask
"is he? " I throw my rhymes like frisbees
I'm more fun than a date in walt disney
Quick and nimble, less than ? ten deep?
But a blood-red book when the others got funcrushed is a spot 

The terror fabulously gets hot 

Co Flow mossie 

Walt Disney meets Kaiser Soze
fault in oneself is pure loveliness
You break the mirror that remind you of your ugliness

So when I bust, no one is untouched
Some returning with
to ever see 'em pitch
See when this happens we take our health, wealth, lives and just hand them off
Thinking that we did this from organic thoughts
good at selling kicks
It's why Disney is loved by all the kids
Why McDonald's owners are super rich, we too blinded to ever see 'em pitch
See when this
off the Hen, I was smokin', I got too high
Damn, time flies by

It's like I knew your whole lifetime, my nigga
We accomplished so much shit