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to get ass
I turn automobiles to hotels on wheels
I got money for a room it's just the fact that I'm trill
Bitches love when I cruise up the boulevard
coming any day now
Hope it can reach me when I am way down
One love, one God and I'm OK now
Ten years, Toby Mac and Grits stay down

Hey now, I feel
pattacake Big Mac
Good God it's a snack attack
Gimme sausage, egg and beans and chips
Milkshakes, clambakes, fondue & dips
And sauces, horses, seventeen
the armaggedon 
? In a daze and if you come around my way ? make my day Flesh 
Have any mercy not when he cock buckshot feel his ass drunken 
? bloodclots ?
And you drop it in the plate, you must appreciate

Jesus and money make a man speak in tongues
Scream out his lungs, roll in the dung
And when the song
Feel this shit right here
All my block niggas, gimme a second dogs I got us I swear to God
Feel this shit right here

[Beanie Mac]
Aiyyo, from
They want their god hit, but watch how log it
Low as saddam an his pawn so unharmed I'm unarmed no I'm calm I can yawn sing a song
I'm tha don king
[Binky Mac] 

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust 

Gettin closer to God tryin to clutch what I can't touch 

Time to get paper in the wind like a caper
nigga) bitch you dissin our
God, bitch!

Well, in tha middle of tha night my posse prepared to sneak up when I'm early up
Creepin nothin' is sleepin
McDonald's when I move in packs
Quarter-Pound Supersized bullets and Big Mac's
House longer than I-70, arise ten stories
And I still "Rob" niggas just like
ends, money and power'll win
And when the enemies see me, I'ma dip in the cut
Pull out my Uzi and tear his muthafuckin ass up
Mob shit, dumpin and jump in
I'm a hustla
Bust you wit the Mac
Never trust you wit the sack
In fact, when you ready get feddy out the Lac
I'll block patrol
Dead presidents
nigga broke the street law with an 8 minute confession
God have mercy on his soul, pray he don't miss no blessings
Turnin' up, we kill it all,
I swear this famous shit just happened overnight
For sho' these hoes was so uptight but now they so polite
All I see is fake love, smiles,
is surrounded by the pain and the violence
So the selling never safe
At the same time snitching to the Jake
Is the quickest way to get found
Trick, it's the infamous Macs from the I
Hit the switch, in the Lac, and go from low-to-high
Drive by, yeah G loves swamp rat and thug dumpin
has the world come to, I'm from the 3 1 2
Where cops don't come through and dreams don't come true
Like there the god go in his Murcielago
From working
Bent out of shape mend it
Represent Spin been through it god
Hold the Mac splendid
Time Balotti rap version of the black Gotti
Rob me God'll act ungodly
still cool but you played yourself
Give him the mac and make him spray his'self, hey
Falling legends clutching chrome three-five-seven
Puttin' two
ones around me, I want to make sure they learn from me
I want to see my dog but his grandmother's his surety
He can't even dip out to see me in
On the prowl in a black hat lookin for cats
I got a chrome plaque that reads, "Who's the Mac?!"
Black pussy, always talk about it 'cause I love it
Yo dj hi-tek
Drop the motherfuckin' beat box dog
Bring that next-level shit
Uh, yo, for real
That's what I'm talking about
Check it out
Hit me, hit me, hit me, hit me
I don't wanna here nothin'
Word Up, got to pay
Yeah, Its like that right
Blow his Back out, make his
It's on now
Feel threatened by this
Takin shit
[ VERSE 1: Armageaddon ]
We 12-cylinder-pushin drug dealer-killers, we feelin this
up creek
To do his two to four, niggas show love, from all around the board
Peace Lord, Sony Handi-Cam on record
Pop a bottle, cause when you come home