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Prepare yo mind fo the rebirth. 

Ha ha, check it out. On a bitch, (RBL Posse) fo a bitch, (Double R) 
Dedicated to a bitch, (sideways) an the hook'll go

Toxic Sludge Warrior
The posse's on Vernor!(Yeah, Come on)
Back down to Southwest
The posse's on Vernor! (What you got?)

Now cruisin' down
word by MC Hammer?
Shit, it ain't 'proper'
The nigga who sold it to ya gotcha
Straight up gaffled
Now you're lookin confused, or should I say baffled
Pack a hundred people, ya know ya gonna need'em
        Straight with the system is down by law
        Cause every two hours they get nine more
The 187 is heartless like the ???
Mini me say now me the gangsta nigga with the AK
Tryin' to sell ya Dayton off the GTA
Got to get me hustle get
Pack a hundred people, ya know ya gonna need'em
        Straight with the system is down by law
        Cause every two hours they get nine more
movin' these things since the days of elementary
Now tell me what ya need when ya see me
I'm stackin' G's buyin' all the things on TV, believe me
I got
Feel at home.
You'll need ___,
By my side,
Keepin' it ___,
Really funk-a-fied
A posse at my door,
With the whole ______,
We gonna make ya,
And the siccer I come, the more they run
I'm in a rage, off that indo and cocaine
You got my fade nigga that was my chewy
Fuck ya crew cause ya crew
heard, go and spread the word
If you been shot by us, then that's what ya deserve
We stay ghetto, not suburb, dress superb
Keep birds in the cage wit
40 40 cal i pull out my big pocket
(Prophet posse my nigga)
I grab you by your neck
I pull it out of socket
Rang range range
(Prophet posse my
full of lead
Everyone in the crew knew what I said
would mean by morning, somebody else soon would be dead
Let's peel their caps back

The cars
explode drop ya to the floor
I gets the dough I hustle hard
Ace Hood ain't got shit on moi
Green beans 80s fo sure
They like what im talkin bout
zapco, alpine
Put the coke on the dash roll a dolla do a line
Pump RBL's maybe 1 2 3
Or the funky shit by the I.M.P
Now I'm high like a motherfucking jet
Hardcore funk that make ya want to pump a chump 
My posse's thick  so I will never get jumped 
The slayer, a beast from the east, I'm psycho 
If I had
Haha. That RBL niggaz. Mr. see-Note, see-Note

*(Chorus- Iyesha Johnson)*

No one's gonna lace you, like I do
I get around babe, no one can lace you
of this life of mine
You see, the lady I choose must like to cool
In a freak's cut bikini by the pool

Havin' good times, that's what we'll be doin'
I check it in in the Mid West (hustle  man) 
I check it in on the East Coast (The Hustle Gang) 
(Look at me) 
(Don Matta') 
(Poppa Don) 

never liked ya keep a thousand yards stiff 
When I'm mashin by, ya pussy posse ain't gon' appear 
Like if I hopped out, told ya to run yo shit playa
life's a riddle
Don't let it get ya
I wanna be legal
But it's this hustle that get me richer
One love to my peoples makin' money
I can see you bubblin'
the hustle
Shake, rattle, roll to my Magic Number

Now you may try to subtract it
But it just won't go away
Three times one?
(What is it?)
(One, two,
And work you
Anything to bring ya down

They keep evil thoughts in their hearts (what you don't know)
You can't let them knock your hustle
watch what you rep, I've been buying niggas heads
Wall crawler, Captain Caveman, in the hall scrawling
Money is stacked up, better than yours
Do with
a job
Cause this little hustle's getting you by
You're the dealer and the stoner with the sweetest kiss around

I know what I was on, I had a Pilot Jones
Jokers be stalking me
I walk the streets and camouflage my identity
My posse in the Brooklyn wear the mask
My crew in the Jersey wear the mask
Stick up