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Three little pigs of Green Jelly
It's Cloudly Now Album of Aviv Gefen (Hebrew)
What's up? of 4 NON BLONDES
a REAL live one
I'll be feeling glad.

I'm gonna find me a blonde-haired mama,
In a Jeep with a German Shepherd by her side.
I'm gonna find me a blonde-haired mama,
saw a hot chick that really looked right

I?m draggin?, draggin? down Main once more
With a peroxide blonde in a hopped up model Ford
Yeah, I'm
little blonde-haired boy
Who's to our hearts so close
I hate to think how fast he's growing up
Last night I overheard them as she tucked him into bed
The blonde-haired girl just opened it and read it to herself
I was so embarrassed when she turned around and said

I'm already taken
You spoke up too late
I love
up there
You're the heart and soul and the reason we do what we do
Here's to you

There's a silver tongued blonde trying to sweet talk her way back
side of Texas is all new to me
Who's the blonde stranger who lives by the sea? 

I stayed up all night and for me that's the first time
Sneak in
On the table, the deal that kept the courts at arms length,
Stealing our thoughts with the force of their non-sequiturs - amateurs.
On the table,

If there was trouble she kept it to herself
All summer long, the strawberry blonde
And by her face there was no way to tell
It seemed like all
to push through her pants
So I said "come here bitch" she said "What fo'"
She grabbed me by the pants and open up the do'
She pulled out her titties said
4 what's 2 come
It's been a long time since eye been with anyone
Careful, a woman's got 2 b
In this day and age that why eye was so
Twenty Four Seven, stay here with me
Twenty Four Seven, throw away the key
Twenty Four Seven, I don't want to be free

You get by if you kiss and tell
Well brunettes are fine man
And blondes are fun
But when it comes to getting the dirty job done

I'll take a red headed woman
A red headed woman
the fields fill up
With rays of glowing sun
Or watch the moon lay on the fences
Like that's where it was hung
My blessings are in front of me
It's not about
Won't you carry me home
(like a truck, pick me up)

You ain't no lady but you've sure got taste in men
That head of yours has got you by time
i said "come here bitch" she said "What fo'"
She grabbed me by the pants and open up the do'
She pulled out her titties said she likes kinky stuff
"My drug music, theraputic to the user" - Mobb Deep
{*scratches*} Non Phixion - slam dance to it

(Verse Three)
I cop this buick with the seats
a boom to the what's dis non.
Diddy on dawn to the don don diggy dawn.

Green is like a boom to the what's dis non.
Diddy on dawn to the don don diggy
Ever since you left me I've been ridin' 'round
Crankin' up a little country gold heartbreak
Cried and dried these tears I don't know how
Much more
on inside of me
You don't wanna know what's running through my mind, yeah yeah yeah
(Sick.... Sick...)

You wake up every morning thinking everything's
Benz, Cartier tint lens, what?
I dig yo' steez, knock knees, trunk full
Body all lumped up, lifestyle Trumped up
Platinum blonde, hazel eyes chinky

Rapid transit, be moving too fast 
You better get up off
Four hours in the pot, one hour out 
It grows and I sleep standing up 
When Iris sleeps over 
What a book she'll write 
Oh last night 
Oh come
Hanging out is what we do best 
at the frick the lofts or the tex 
movie night nintendo night 4th street every single night 
the best times of my
manicured claws
If you waxed down, and tanned up
Then let me see ya hands up


I like my
In four inch Christian Laboutins
Lips made