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to the everyday man
Common table
The body and the blood
Commmon Savior
For God so loved the world
What we need
Is a common creed

I believe in God
Our creed self control
Search for perfection
For this we'll die

No other way is any good
Life doesn't last
Our belief is heaven sent
Forgive us our
can't disavow

If this is a dream wake me up now
If this is a movie let's edit these scenes out
It would be a PG instead of an X-rated life
If I'd
To cherish each endeavor
What will they say that I have left behind?
A faithful heritage for all to find
What will they see?
I want my legacy to be
He was
Woke up this morning to a glass accident
Glass fell in love with the floor
Too many pieces there for me to clean up
So I left a warning message by
just appreciate life (scratching)

As I search for the right way to start this
the beat goes on regardless
so a brother might as well say something
A newborn child was granted miserable life 
Abandoned by his father and
Left alone by death of father's wife 

Foster child 
Tobacco exporter gave him
Gypsy road. Welcome to your dreams.
Oh oh oh, Gypsy road.

Living by my own rules. A rebel yell and a rebel creed.
Keep your life simple. Try not
Well I've been left for dead on the road of love.
I was doin' high speed with a load of love
Forgot the first creed in the code of love.
It's time that we discussed this
I'm disgusted
I don't trust it
What's this
New evidence brings doubt
On who took King out
Must have had clout
I think I've been infected with the flu
Once again boredom's got me feeling blue
Sometimes in this life you've got to cut the crap
Sit down for my
I'm made to feel no sympathy
I may as well be dead
I know my life means more than this
But selfishness has been my creed
Is there a way to feel again
Stand by me my brothers help me sing a song say

Art and life, art and life, art and life
Cah this is my, art and life, art and life
Art and life, art
the back of a limosine
Now I'm doin' my own laundry
And I'm gettin' those clothes clean

Growin' fond of
And this quiet life I lead
But I'm just dying
I call upon the most divine
To spew forth this infecting dust ov life

I'm on my way
Destination hell
By the power ov will
I shall complete
Lady love rides a big red Cadillac
Buys the hoedown show salt and beans
Goes to church to pray for Lucifer
She milked the male population clean

about control
They're terrified that you might go
And find out for yourself what they can't teach you
Generations that go through this
The young are
Solo artist but I never had to sing alone
The scent creed and the Timb's is never single sole
The whip was low enough for me to be low
But loud
Is this life or life's destiny
Waiting for that particular salvation
Which can make everything forget

Emperors of salvation

Death is to one's
it I’mma steal this land

Everybody wanna tell me what I am, what I am not
You ain't black, you a mothafuckin' white boy
Shut ya mouth, do it right
and deceived
Too late for remorse, revolt, rebel
This is moral bombing
Your personal hell

Here and now
Courage and guts

Victory imminent
Promised by
petty and sheist
But that's only til you treat 'em like a video and edit they life

This is a threat, when I talk you listen to death
And if I run out
to go home

Live my life as I see fit
Bound by violence and pain
We make our nightmares alive
Is this what we are?

This is what we are
Chased by predators
Terrorists with etiquette who vote and kill their president
Their capacity for evil so evident and prevalent
Ain't no hesitation
Chased by predators
Terrorists with etiquette who vote and kill their president
Their capacity for evil so evident and prevalent
Ain't no hesitation