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I think you made me fall in love again 

[Z-Ro - over Chorus] 
Screwed Up Click 

Whenever you need a nigga call me up I'm

Chorus(2 Times) 

I'm fucked up J-Ro 

Yo i'm fucked up to 
Lookin' at these bitches 
From a birds eye view 
My name is
Artist: Scarface f/ Bun be (U.G.K.), Z-Ro
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Nigga don't act like you don't know who I'm talkin' bout
burns, unable to burn out

[Hook - 2x]
Z-Ro, I think you fellas know my name mayn
Z-Ro, making these haters mad that's my thang mayn
Z-Ro, I'm real
Living in the passenger side, a way of life
We're in cheves today, because the murderers pay tonight
They tell me I'm a profit when I'm pimping my
and my fan mail 
My city saying Z-Ro, what you gon do when you get out of jail 
I can't do no mo' pyrexes, no mo' scales 
Trying to make a million dollas,
daddy straight take them off
Yeah I'm living a sin when against the grain
You don't know Z-Ro you don't know my pain
Tears be coming on down like rain
daddy straight take them off
Yeah I'm living a sin when against the grain
You don't know Z-Ro you don't know my pain
Tears be coming on down like rain

(Z-ro) Bitch I'm clean that's all I know 'cause yo mama and yo gal told me so/bitch I'm clean that's all I know you can see my pinky ring
up against the wall another statistic I know

[Chorus Z-Ro]
The streets always been my daddy
And mommy is the colleges
I'm a soldier and I'm about my
Houston Texas is my city, Ridgemont 4 is my block
I put my trust in no man, only my motherfucking glock
Cause she ain't never let me down,
Am I the hunter or the most hunted
telling my people they don't need a high to get by
But I'm telling a lie cause I'm the most blunted
running to the trunk, I got my pistol right now

Creeping with my automatic, running round
Laying motherfuckers down, straight up causing havoc
rapping the gangsta shit this nigga goes hard, plex

(Chorus - 4x)
Plex, time to have plex
Ra-ta-ta-ta-ta from the barrel of me tech

Rolling by my
straight bleed in they ass
Yeah I'm back and let it be known, Z-Ro done made it home
Fuck with me I empty out my clip, reload and keep on

[Hook: x2]
(feat Z-Ro chamillonRE and Hype)

[Verse 1 - Lil Flip]
We be watching them bitches shaking they ass
Up in the club they be sucking my dick so they
I'm the King of the Clover, Z-Ro, the Mo City Don
And all we do is get money
(Where I'm from)

Every morning I wake up and give my praises to God
If I die and don't date my self
A girl whose name begins with a Z.
the beef to your home, make you sleep under some stones 
Z-Ro the Crooked, but you faggots already know my name mayne 
Know you'd love to catch me slippin in
Do you see, what I see
All I do, is want to be
Somebody, can you feel what I feel
I try my best, to keep it real
And pay dues

[Z-Ro talking]
Yes indeed, H-Town, it go down Lil' Flex, Z-Ro, Big Mello
Know what I'm saying, you boys can't stop us man
Unstoppable, feel me,
Niggas be screaming Z-Ro, how does it feel to be a ceo
But I don't know, cause I can't get a set of keys to the studio
And I know my fanbase
I'm "Ready to Die," "All Eyez on Me"
And n****z know they can do it the same
But still they try to diss, that's part of the game
What's my name
with my hoe
I'm still pumpin' that dro
I'm still thuggin' fo sho
You hear that knock nigga? Courtesy of Z-Ro
Don't be no hero, just play your part
Go on get naked for me streak, and let a nigga stroke [Repeat 4x]

[Verse 2 - Z-Ro]
Go on and let a nigga peak, go on and let a nigga poke
Give me some