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the sea
The golden boy swallowed by the sea

And love is sometimes violent
And violence has no constraint
And I can see inside you
Yes I can feel what
the tones that tremble down your spine
Cover your crystal eyes
And let your colours bleed and blend with mine

But I'm okay in see-through skin
I forgive what
the wind
For all your world and treasures
There's nothing to be want
Nothing left to measure
It's you and me and the colour of the sun

While the child
as time, oh baby
It's useless, so useless to me now
For in your arms is everything, in your arms, everything
An army of haters, one by one
Will do what
Who breaks the colours
I know what this is
A one man show
That's how we know
That's how we know
Your white does the blood flow

By the shore of the sea searching for his memory
Sifting sand through my hand weighing what he means to me
In the early morning haze seagulls seem

Cover your crystal eyes
And feel the tones tremble down your spine

Cover your crystal eyes
And let your colours bleed and blend with mine
Breaks the chains we can rise up again
Once we've rearranged the nature of the game
Of the game

Don't you forget
What you give is what you get
Take love
you then have been mine
If sound is a wave like a wave on the ocean
Moon plays the ocean like a violin
Beyond the stars there is a place that you can go
Be by yourself and nobody will ever know
With no idea where it will lead, the fantasy is yours
to circles
Every other movement is slowed by your mind
That's why stabbing them blind is no crime
With no REM. your bound to cave in
And life in
or would rather steal is a mystery.

So don't judge me by the colour of my skin;
My blood runs as deep as your runs red,
Which takes me out of the verse.
Life is what it is
Who wants to try not to believe
That's the way it is

Oh, oh
I don't know why what you feel inside
Days go on
Love is something that
too late to reverse what we've become?
A lesson to learn at a crucial point in time
What's mine was always yours, and yours is mine

Let's go!

And so
just have to take my chances
And tomorrow we'll see
A friend of mine he wound up dead
His dress was stained the colour red
No next of kin no fixed
a scene
That will be just like a dream
Cash is gonna flow down by the old mainstream
Someday soon

You don't know me, but I know you (you don't know
Sound is a wave like a wave on the ocean
Moon plays the wave like a violin, pushing and pulling
From shore to shore, biggest melody you never heard
Akon (akon) 

This is the ultimate journey of your life 
Where the weak die and the strong survive 
Prepare to suffer 40
To set the scene we're lying here
The night sky is woken up by intruding lights
And the sound of cannons
We drove downtown for this 
And we love
ain't my game
But today I see you
And I hang my head in shame

Lipstick on your collar, and the colour isn't mine
White lines on the dresser, and you
home you're one hundred and three
Bless this world bless man for me
You've finally gone touched your home
When your love is mine

When your love is
I thumb the pages one by one
What if a little bit rubs off on me
Soak up the pictures til I'm gone
Dreams for the dreamers, food for fantasy
A god is riding upon his back, 
How calm the water and bright the rainbow 
Fade this swan to black. 

What opportunities did we allow to flow by
got shine

I keep my neck frozen, .45 loaded, please don't approach this
Rope is so ferocious, diamonds that shine in oceans
Keep you arm distant from
But if your world is mine
And if your words are mine
And if your blood is mine
Then how could I ever leave it behind?

Sister, sweet sister, what